Introduction: Hotrod Bike Trailer

I was inspired by this instructable
I decided to modify the design a bit and make a hotrod for my kiddo with red interior and flames.  The material is all purchased from the local hardware store.  The base is a 1" x16" 36" pine.  The sides are 1"x12"x36 pine. The curved rear is made of thin 1/4" ply.  I soaked it in water for about 30 minutes then bent it over the frame, nailing it every 3 inches or so.  Next time i'll probably just use some sheet metal.  I had the conduit laying around and purchased the wheels and the little switches.  Then primed and painted it with gloss black and apple red.  I traced the flames on some paper and cutout stencils so both sides match.  To bend the trailer arm, since i didn't have a conduit bender, was just to put one foot on it about 16 " from one end and pull up on it until a got the correct angle.  The hitch is just a piece of steel strapping i bent into a "U" shape and a locking pin from the hardware store.