Introduction: Hotwheels Flash Drive

This Instructable will show you how to take a simple hotwheels car, and turn it into the coolest flash drive ever!
I would love to see your creations.  If you have made a Hotwheels flash drive post a pic as a comment.

Step 1: Selecting a Car

The fist I made was a Hotwheels 07 Dodge Challenger. But you can probably use any car you like. A car with tinted windows won't have the interior so there will be more room inside to put the flash drive. Decide if you want the flash drive in front or back. Whichever one you chose it needs to be big enough to house the unit. For this Instructable I used a new Camaro. It worked well and recommend it.

Step 2: Tools You Will Need

The tools you will need are a Dremel and a flat-head screwdriver. The screwdriver is used for the flash drive case. The Dremel is used for all modifications to the car.

Step 3: Taking Apart the Car

Taking apart the car is easy. Use your Dremel with the drill bit. Carefully drill out the rivet or rivets on the bottom. Some cars have two of them. Once the rivets are drilled out, the car will fall apart into pieces.

Step 4: Taking Apart the USB Case

Now take your flash drive. Be really careful in taking it apart, there are fragile parts inside.
Take your flat-head screwdriver and pry the two halves apart. If you use a drive that retracts, you have more to remove.

Step 5: Cut the Rivet Off of the Frame

If your car has a rivet on the end you want to put the flash drive, you will need to cut it off of the frame of the car. The Dremel with the metal cutting wheel is perfect. This will make room for the flash drive.

Step 6: Cut Through the Interior

If you chose a car with an interior, you have to cut a hole through the back seat to make room for the drive. You might have to trim some off of the front seats as well. This is why cars with tinted windows are easier to work with. Which ever one you have you have to cut some plastic off of the back.

Step 7: Cut a Hole in the Back

Now you need to cut a hole the size of the flash drive in the back of the car. Measure the usb connector and then measure the end of the car. I used masking tape to cover the part I didn't want to cut. Use your Dremel with the drill bit to cut a hole. Then I used the tungsten carbide cutter (product # 9901) to open the hole to the right size and shape. You want this to fit as snugly as possible.

Step 8: Dry Fitting

Before you glue it all in, you want to dry fit it first. You want to make sure all the parts fit together. Take everything but the bottom with the wheels, and assemble it with the USB sticking out the back. Then attach the bottom of the car. Make sure everything fits right. The flash drive might not fit the first time. If it doesn't fit, make little adjustments until everything fits properly.

Step 9: Glue Everything Into Place

Now that everything fits, you can glue the parts into place. Take the frame of the car, put the windows in. Then put the interior with the flash drive in. If the flash drive does not fit snug, you will need to glue it in place first. I used hot glue for mine although you can use any glue you have laying around. Glue the interior to the frame at the ends. Now you can glue the bottom on. If you chose a car with one rivet, their will be a lip on the bottom part of the car. That is what holds the car in. This only means that it will be a little trickier to get the bottom on. But you wont need as much glue.