Hound to Hound of the Baskervilles: Pet Photo Edit

Introduction: Hound to Hound of the Baskervilles: Pet Photo Edit

If your dog is like mine, aka 60 lbs of friendly fluff, then you might about making them just a bit scarier for Halloween.
This is an fun way to make any pet photo Halloween Art.

You will need:

Picnik photo editor

Step 1: Creepy Eyes

Upload your photo. Go to Top Menu Bar and choose Featured.

From the Featured menu choose Vampire Eyes.

Set Brush Size to 55%, Contrast to 45%, and Fade to 20%.

Dab your dog's eye with the brush.


Step 2: Blood!

From the Featured menu choose Bloodstains.

Use the brush to dab blood along the dogs mouth and chin.


Step 3: Tweak the Exposure

On the Top Menu Bar choose Basic Edits.

Lower the Exposure to -17.

Raise both Shadows and Highlights to 11.


Step 4: Add the Grain

Go to the Top Menu Bar and choose Effects. From the Effects menu choose Film Grain.

Choose the Light setting.

Set Amount to 30%.


Step 5: Set Zoom

From the Effects menu choose Focal Zoom.

Set Zoomieness (their word, not mine!), Focal Size and Edge Hardness to 50%.

Set Advanced Modes to Hardlight.

Use mouse to focus only on the dog's face.


Step 6: De-Saturate

Go to Basic Edits and choose Colors.

Lower Saturation to -43.

Raise Temperature to 15.


Step 7: Done!

And there you have it, your very own creepy demon-dog!

Thanks for Viewing my 'ible (and don't forget to vote;) !

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    Thanks! Picnik is the best, so many fun tools!