Hours of Research and Development to Bring You.... LMFAO ROBOT COSTUME!!!

Introduction: Hours of Research and Development to Bring You.... LMFAO ROBOT COSTUME!!!

I have spent hours and hours turning my brain-cogs to make the LMFAO robot head. And boy did I ever make one!

What you need:

Stellar Dance Moves (SDM's)
cardboard box 14"x15"x19"
something similar to mosquito netting
bike lights that have cool blinking patterns (got mine at Canadian Tire 8.99 each)
silver chicken pot pie containers from the dollar store(or somthing else and paint it silver or gold)
metallic gold spray paint
duct tape
ears of some sort
bike helmet that fits good
twine or thick-ish string
scissors and an exacto knife.
cool music to practice your SDM's

A big fat plastic chain from the dollar store(2.99) (paint it gold)
a custom made shiny gold speedo ($35)

Step 1: The Box

Its good to find a box that is slightly narrower than your shoulder width. I went to UPS store and bought a box too big, as you can see in the photo... I took a close look at the LMFAO video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyx6JDQCslE), and realized that the box's face side is not as long as the side parts and of course the height is taller than the width. At first I was looking for a square box, but after many hours of searching for the most perfect box, I found one in my partner-in-crime's basement recycling bin. It was a paper towel box from Shopper's Drug Mart. Free!

1. Take the recessed eyes (chicken pot pie tins) and draw a hole that is just smaller than it. Two of them please.
2. Draw a mouth.
3. cut eyes and mouth.
4. Cut a hole for your head to fit into it.
5. Maybe paint the box first, I didn't, but you might. I just masked the screening covering the mouth with some paper.
6. glue or tape the eyes into sockets.
7. cut netting (I used 3 layers to darken more, just enough to still see well in dark, halloween-ish environs), and tape to inside of mouth opening

The Eyes:
Bike lights work best. I cut a slit into the tin cup and inserted the bike light's mounting clip into it and taped the backside.

Step 2: The Helmet!

I suspended the helmet with string(twine, cheap stuff from dolla stow).

1. Find a helmet that fits good, so the whole shebang doesn't bob and wobble too much.
2. Use a 7-8cm piece of duct tape over the places that you are going to suspend the helmet from.
3. Take a sharp something, perhaps an awl, and poke two holes about 2 inches apart.
4. Do that 4 times on the top and 4 on the bottom. (I had a single string on the top of box, in the middle, and 4 on bottom and it was too wobbly)
5. Then spend about 1 hour perfecting the suspension. have a friend handy to place their finger upon yer knot so you can tie tight knots. **** start off with plenty of string for each supsension, use bow ties to start off with, so you can easily adjust.

Tip: adjust the position of the helmet so the box head slightly rests upon your shoulders, or slight above them.

After everything is secure and your head is satisfactorily positioned within the box and you can see through the hole good enough, you must add another layer of paint.   Don't forget to mask the eyes and mouth...  :)

Step 3: I Think Mine Is Better Than the Actual One... Hehe :) Tooting My Own Horn...

Ok, his is pretty good and he has really nice ears!  :)

Step 4: Exhibition.

Go out to a party and get your Wiggle on. Hehe. If you don't get that, please watch the video!

Step 5: Oh, and Finally... Find a Good Lookin' Date for Said Party...

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