House Fly Invasion Prank

Introduction: House Fly Invasion Prank

This is a great prank for April fools day or any other occasion in which you would like to annoy or exact some revenge at an unsuspecting target. Ask yourself what do you find irritating? Surly the lowly house fly will come up on this list. What is worse that trying to browse Instructables while you have a fly buzzing around your head, now imagine 10 of them, or 50, or 1000! This Instructable will teach you where to get house flies, how to disguise them and some ideas on where to hide your bundle of joy.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies and Ideas!

Overall this is extremely simple and only need a few things. Here is your shopping list of what to get and what to think about.
-A disguised container, any small container will work however I like to use small air freshener containers as they are seldom looked at and are common.   
-Housefly pupae. Depending on where you get yours from they will hatch out in 2-5 days at room temperatures. You can also opt for the larger and much more menacing blue bottle fly. I get mine from TikiTikiReptiles.Com where 100 will only cost you a $6 bucks however look around and you can find several places that sell pupae.
-You will need a target or targets as I doubt you want to prank yourself.
-And last you will need a good hiding spot where the pupae can hatch at their leisure without being discovered.   

Step 2: Preparation Is Key.

Now that you have the supplies you need its time to put this prank together.
As I stated I use a common air freshener container that you can pick up anywhere for around $1.00. These are great as they are always seen and hardly ever given a second thought. Once you have your container empty the contents out and wash it out very well. Adding the pupae into the scented gel will actually poison them, it is important to get the inside very clean so after you washed the container do it again. It will only take a few seconds.  

After drying out the container add in your pupae. You don’t need to do anything special for them to hatch other than keeping them warm or at a minimum room temperature. The warmer they are the faster they will hatch. You can add as many or as few as you want. You can get A LOT of houseflies for cheap so it’s all a matter of how far do you want to go. For a large classroom, 1000 might not be too bad. But for a small room or office 100 should be get the point across. Get creative here with the level of annoying you which to achieve.

Step 3: Pick Your Placement.

Now that your container is locked and loaded its time for deployment; depending on where you choose to do this it may be a challenge as you may be in view of your target, however you can make the drop at any time just don’t get caught!
Here are a few suggestions:
-Under the sofa.
-Inside a plant.
-On top of a shelf.
-Under the bed.
-In the car (if you really wana get them good)
-Inside a cabinet.
The places where you can hide them are endless. Chances are that when they find the container it will be much too late.

Step 4: Laugh Till You Cry.

2-5 days after making the drop you will undoubtedly hear stories about the invasion of flies from your target via phone, 3d party, Facebook, face to face, ECT... No matter what you can not get caught as it is even better the second and third time that you do the prank as they really start to believe that they are being invaded.
This is a harmless prank as the flies cause no harm other than a sore arm from putting the fly swatter into overdrive.
Have fun with this prank as I have many times. It never gets old and if you keep it a secret you will never have it done to you.

Best of luck!
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    12 years ago on Introduction

     this is a great idea! and, you are right about the whole cleanliness of flys and such, they flies them selves arent whats dirty, its whats on them (poo or blood)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is a harmless prank as the flies cause no harm other than a sore arm from putting the fly swatter into overdrive.

    How is this not harmful, house flies are known vectors for disease.  Every time they land on something they transport bacteria to that spot (i.e your cups, dishes, tooth brush) plus when they feed they throw up on the food to digest it. Not to mention the fact they poop everywhere too.

    Plus your going to have an issue with maggots showing up everywhere


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    You need to brush up on your facts before posting.
    Purchasing house fly pupae from an insect supplier insures that your start with fresh and ‘clean’ insects right out of the egg. Now if you were to go out with a net and collect flies off a pile of animal poop then sure they can pass around whatever they have amassed from every place that they have landed. So for the most part flies that you are loosed in an enclosed area are as clean as the area itself, now if you live like in a mess then I am sure you are used to flies anyway. If you think that captive hatched flies buzzing around in a living area is bad then you need to read the book called “Why Your Toothbrush May Be Killing You Slowly” where you will learn that most people have far worse things to worry about.
    Further factual research will result in finding out that unless you have a dead animal or rotting food in the target area you will not have any maggot production. And with even more factual research you find that houseflies don’t reproduce till they are about a week old. With that in mind I highly doubt that even the dirtiest person that I know (and he is damn dirty) has anything rotting or will allow himself to be allowed to be annoyed for a week before trying to rid him of the flies.
    Please refer to line #1 again.