Introduction: House Made Car

Use house materials or Tinkercad to create this car. Fun for kids!


Option 1:


-3d Printer

Option 2:

-A straw

-4 toothpicks

-8 beverage caps

-Two tissue rolls

-A penny


Step 1: Getting the Materials

Get a tissue roll, a beverage cap, a bottle and a toothpick. If you're not doing it on Tinkercad, you'll also need scissors.

Step 2: Creating the Wheels

Make the toothpick go through the center of the beverage cap, and duplicate the result (Cmd + D or Ctrl + D) until you have four of them. Then make them go through the bottle as shown in the second image.

Step 3: Creating the Holes and the Exhaust Pipe

Create two holes like the ones in the image and put them in the places the second and third image show, also do the same with the tissue roll.

Step 4: Making the Steering Wheel

Get a boba straw and a penny. Stick them together and put them in the car.

Step 5: Making the Driver

Stick four beverage caps and then stick them on a tissue roll. This is your driver!

Step 6: Enjoy!

Enjoy your car! Please comment if there's anything that can be improved!