House Heating With VSCP and a Web Interface

Introduction: House Heating With VSCP and a Web Interface

My parents are retired and live in the south of France. Warm during summer but it can also be cold during winter.

They use to travel for several weeks during winter to visit friends and family, and as they heat the house with wood, when they come back home the temperature in the house is often below 10 degrees Celsius... which is not so nice when you have to wait 48 hours before the house gets to a comfortable temperature.

There comes VSCP to get the heating connected to the Internet.

A temperature sensor will measure inside temperature and a latching relay module will switch on or off two electric radiators.

The setup can be done via a web interface accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

The index page shows the current outside temperature and the list of all the zones (kitchen only in this example).

Each zone can be edited to set eco temperature, comfort temperature, heating mode, and the week schedule if you want to set the heating mode to auto.

Step 1: The Hardware

The picture above shows the installation next to the electric cabinet, from left to right, a Raspberry Pi to run the VSCP deamon and the web interface, the USB2CAN interface, two latching relay modules and a temperature sensor module (+ one temperature sensor outside the house).

The temperature sensor measures inside temperature and the latching relay module switches ON or OFF two electric radiators.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This setup looks very useful, and I bet your parents really appreciate it! :)