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Introduction: House in a Bottle V2

Hi All,

Last year I made my first, "House in a bottle", That was the first time I built a house inside a glass bottle. It was more like proof of concept.

This is my version 2, where I have added few finner details

  • Mud on the floor
  • Grass
  • Moss/creeper on House
  • Doors and Windows
  • Chimney
  • Tree

And simplify the build without the use of any special tool

Step 1: What Do We Need?

  • Glass bottle: I used Old monk
  • 10mm Wooden sticks
  • wodden Coffee stirrer sticks
  • Green crepe paper
  • Long Skewer
  • Toothpicks
  • Wooden Match sticks
  • CocoPeat
  • Hex saw
  • Acrylic paints
  • PVA glue or fevicol
  • Dremel
  • Clear Resin
  • Old Hanger
  • paper tape or masking tape

Step 2: Prepare: Bottle

  • Wash the bottle with soap
  • Remove all labels, to remove glue stains use hand sanitizer liquid
  • Let the bottle dry and there should not be any watermarks when done
  • I used clear epoxy resin to flatten the base

Step 3: Build: House

  • To build the house, I have used 10mm wooden sticks
  • Each piece of the wall is cut at 45 degrees at a length of 45mm
  • We need 12 pieces for the wall
  • For the roof support, we need 2 x 45mm pieces and 2 x 25mm
  • Stack the pieces together to make the house
  • Since these are cut by hand, there may be gaps
  • Adjust the pieces to reduce gaps as much as possible
  • Label each wall from inside and then drill a hole through all of them
  • The hole should be able to keep all the pieces aligned as shown
  • I used a toothpick
  • The chimney was a leftover piece with 45 degrees cut on one side ( 15mm length )

Step 4: Build:Roof

  • The roof is made using coffee stir
  • Cut 12 to 14 pieces to a length of 55mm
  • Stick them using a paper/masking tape
  • Place on the house and adjust the length, if needed

Step 5: House Detailing

  • Paint the house with a brown acrylic
  • Dry brush dark and light green on them
  • Using match sticks make two windows and a door
  • Paint them dark brown as shown

Step 6: Assembly: House

  • I used clear epoxy resin to flatten the base
  • Draw a square of 45mm on paper and place it below the bottle
  • Drop-in some fevicol or PVA glue, and spread it using a skewer
  • Drop the first piece on the sides away from the glue
  • And using skewer adjust it position to align with the square drawn on the paper
  • One by one place the 3 pieces and adjust their positions to make a perfect square
  • After each layer, let the glue dry for 1 hr, before continuing
  • Don't start with the roof, let this dry for a day

Step 7: Assembly: Mud and Roof

  • Before we start with the roof, we need to add some details
  • Pour a mixture of glue and water(2:1) outside the house, (not too much)
  • Sprinkle some cocopeat and let it dry for 1 hr
  • Now sprinkle some green colored cocopeat
  • Stick a thin thread on the roof, using tape
  • Use the thread, to adjust the position on the roof, and glue it on the house as shown
  • Leave it to dry and then gently pull out the thread


  • Use a tea or coffee filter to separate the bigger chunks on the cocopeat. We need the fine cocopeat to simulate the mud, grass, and creeper
  • Using thin thread

Step 8: Build: Tree

  • Cut a long strip of crepe paper (80mm width)
  • Cut them into thin strips as shown
  • Place these on a thin metal wire and twist the wire as much as possible
  • Using a scissor, shape the tree
  • Add a base using a small button

Step 9: Assembly: Tree

  • Apply glue on the base where you want to place the tree
  • Gentling push the tree as shown
  • And place it in position and let the glue dry

Step 10: Finishing

  • Let the bottle dry for a week
  • Stick tissue paper on a piece of a hardwire and clean the bottle from inside
  • You may have to damn the tissue paper to remove glue etc
  • let the bottle dry in shade, not in the sun
  • Close the cap, optionally add some fairy lights
  • We are done. place it on a shelf and adore it

I hope someone follows these steps and makes one

Please share your comments and suggestions

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    11 months ago

    This is really cute! Nice job getting it all assembled :)