Introduction: Household Hiding Places

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Here are a few different places you can easily hide your important or valuable items for little or no cost.

False Drawer Bottom

Hidden Canister

Envelope Taped to the Headboard or Under a Nightstand

Kid's Room

Step 1: False Drawer Bottom

Tools and Materials:


Straight Edge

Razor Knife

Hot Glue Gun (optional)


A piece of scrap Luan large enough to fit the drawer

I have a deep drawer in the kitchen that is full of dishtowels and potholders that I want to add a false bottom to.

I had some 1/8" Luan left over from a previous project and I was able to cut a piece to fit the drawer which is 18" x 18.5"

Luan is basically nothing more than very thin plywood. So thin in fact that you don't even need a saw to cut it. You can simply score the luan deeply and then snap it against a solid straight edge.

The spacers were made from some scrap pvc pipe I had laying around. I just cut off 4 1" slices. I place rear spacers farther from the back edge.

After placing the spacers in the drawer you can add your "valuables" that you don't want discovered.

Place the Luan in over the spacers.

Add everything else back into the drawer.

When you need to get access to your goodies simply press on the back edge of the luan and it will tip up the front edge enough to grip the luan and lift it out.

Another possible way to open the false bottom is to hot glue one of the drawer items to the luan and use it as handle.

Step 2: Outdoor Stash

Tools and Materials:

Hot Glue Gun

Empty Medicine Bottle

A large Piece of Bark Mulch or Stone

Take the label off of the medicine bottle (yes, that is the hard part of this project ).

Remove any loose bark or dirt to make sure the glue will hold well.

Apply a liberal glob of glue to the cap and firmly squish it onto the mulch or rock of your choice.

Insert spare key or other valuables into the bottle and put the cap on.

Place your new secret stash in a place you will remember, but where it will not stand out.

Step 3: Hidden Envelope

Tools and Materials:



Place your important papers in an envelope (the shape of your headboard may limit the size of your envelope)

Tape it to the back of your headboard

If you have a bigger envelope, another great place to hide it is on the bottom of a nightstand.

I would not recommend hiding anything on the bottom of a drawer in the nightstand because if someone is searching your room they will tend to check the bottom ( or more likely they will dump the entire drawer exposing the bottom and your your secret stash). They will be less likely to flip the entire nightstand.

Disclaimer: upended furniture is less likely but not beyond the realm of possibility

Step 4: Kid's Room

Tools and Materials:

A Kid's Room

If someone is looking for valuables, a small kid's room is close to the bottom of the list of rooms likely to have what they are looking for.

The top shelf of the closet is a great place to secure things where prying eyes and little hands will not disturb them. Place a spare blanket over your goodies .. out of sight out of mind.

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