Introduction: HoverCraft Fablab61

This HoverCraft was made by Rostov Summer's School's team special for Fablab :) Our masterpiece was our first experience in this sphere. Create & enjoy!

Step 1: Foundation

Take foam =20mm. Cut a foundation from foam 200mm x 300mm. Cut the circle from foam d=140mm & stick to the foundation.

Step 2: Skirt

Cut a skirt l=1m, w=40mm. Stick this skirt to the foundation.

Step 3: First Propeller

Take first three-bladed propeller d=130mm. Fix it into a circle.

Step 4: Back Protector

Use this plan and cut a back protector from foam for your second propeller. Stick to your foundation

Step 5: Second Propeller

Take these plans and cut it (use plywood). Collect it. Then Fix second propeller to the construction

Step 6: Radio Receiving Equipment

Check yourself. You need:

1) Arduino Pro Mini (on ATmega168, 5V, 16M) - 2 pcs

2) Wire-modules XY-MK-5V & XY-FST (FS1000a)

3) Joystick module Keyes_SJoy.

Connect the modules (use scheme for this step, look at the files :) )
Fill sketches for arduinos in any convenient way.

Step 7: Motor

Check what you have:

  • Motor MT 1806 (x2)
  • Regulator DUALSKY XC 1210 BA (x2)
  • Battery (LiPol 11V 1Ah)
  • Servo SG 900

The motor connect to the regulator. The regulator connect to the battery and the radio receiving equipment.

Step 8: Final

Connect your foundation with motor & radio receiving equipment. Check this out!

If you want you may create your own special design & logo for HoverCraft :)