HoverCraft Fablab61

Introduction: HoverCraft Fablab61

This HoverCraft was made by Rostov Summer's School's team special for Fablab :) Our masterpiece was our first experience in this sphere. Create & enjoy!

Step 1: Foundation

Take foam =20mm. Cut a foundation from foam 200mm x 300mm. Cut the circle from foam d=140mm & stick to the foundation.

Step 2: Skirt

Cut a skirt l=1m, w=40mm. Stick this skirt to the foundation.

Step 3: First Propeller

Take first three-bladed propeller d=130mm. Fix it into a circle.

Step 4: Back Protector

Use this plan and cut a back protector from foam for your second propeller. Stick to your foundation

Step 5: Second Propeller

Take these plans and cut it (use plywood). Collect it. Then Fix second propeller to the construction

Step 6: Radio Receiving Equipment

Check yourself. You need:

1) Arduino Pro Mini (on ATmega168, 5V, 16M) - 2 pcs

2) Wire-modules XY-MK-5V & XY-FST (FS1000a)

3) Joystick module Keyes_SJoy.

Connect the modules (use scheme for this step, look at the files :) )
Fill sketches for arduinos in any convenient way.

Step 7: Motor

Check what you have:

  • Motor MT 1806 (x2)
  • Regulator DUALSKY XC 1210 BA (x2)
  • Battery (LiPol 11V 1Ah)
  • Servo SG 900

The motor connect to the regulator. The regulator connect to the battery and the radio receiving equipment.

Step 8: Final

Connect your foundation with motor & radio receiving equipment. Check this out!

If you want you may create your own special design & logo for HoverCraft :)

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    4 years ago

    Nice job guys!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Awesome! If you want to make the videos easier for people to view, you can upload them to a site like YouTube and embed them in the page using the Embed Video tool in the step editor. That way people will be able to view the videos on the page without having to download them.