Introduction: Hovercraft 1.0

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Hey there !!

So my project is a hovercraft which is a vehicle capable of working on both rough as well as slime surface. My vision for making a hovercraft is to make it able to work as a resupply vehicle in order to help people in some disaster. For that, I added a pickup mechanism able to pick up or drop resupplies to the people in need.

This is fully RC hovercraft weight of exactly 1 kg (with components assembled). It is fully made of 3d printing and material used is PLA that is biodegradable as well. it is a prototype and I want to make it more efficient and economic to make it easy to public reach.

I got inspiration from the below video i.e. from a youtube video :

" hovercraft video I inspired from "

Step 1: Making of Hovercraft - Fully 3D Printed

So this is a mindset behind making this vehicle as plastic pollution is major talk of the time so I used PLA material which is biodegradable and strong enough to hold the structure of the vehicle.

Each and every component is a 3D printed component in a desktop type printer. The volume and infill is 8 to 12 percent only which not only make it in less time but also triangular layer formation results in a strong output.

software used for modeling: PTC Creo

software for meshing and layering: Cura

Step 2: Modelling Process

Full modeling is done in 3d software and constraint are taken into account.

Factors such as:

  1. Weight to thrust ratio
  2. Aerodynamics
  3. air cushion beneath the deck
  4. Bernoulli principle

Step 3: Electronics and Components Used

All the specification and components used are mentioned in the above document attached.

Kindly have a look.

Step 4: Final Assembling and Presentation

This came out to be a high-performance vehicle loaded with a pickup mechanism capable of picking a load of more than 550 gms. Now as per my vision I want it makes to a higher level where it can be taken for the rescuing missions. By enhancing the level of technologies and efficiency of working can make one of the revolutionary vehicles in difficult situations.