Hovercraft Dogs Bed




Introduction: Hovercraft Dogs Bed

Ever needed to move your dogs bed with him in it?
Well now you can! Introducing the Hovercraft Dogs Bed.
Watch him glide effortlessly across the floor with a gentle tap of your foot, see him smile as he floats to his new resting place.
Run out of room on your boat? Now you can put the bed in the water!! Tow it behind and your best freind will no longer take up valuable space aboard your vessel.
Dog with arthritis? Now your can take him for walks again! effortlessly pull him along while he takes it easy in his bed!!

All you need is;
-a plastic dog bed
-a 12v car radiator fan
-a large drill
-a few meters of plastic sheet

Have fun with your build!!

-dogs will stop it floating
-dogs wont stay in while its running due to the horrendous noise
-dogs bedding may clog up the air ports
-dogs may get motion sickness
-dogs maybe traumatised by this invention

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    British Badger
    British Badger

    7 years ago

    hi I'm starting a hovercraft group to share experience and designs to make the best hovercraft s possible I was wondering if you were interested

    PS how much did the dog bed cost you


    7 years ago

    This is so funny! I'd lOve to watch a video with a pooch in it :)