How 2 Hang Your Flat Screen Tv for Under 55 Dollars

Introduction: How 2 Hang Your Flat Screen Tv for Under 55 Dollars

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After buying my flat screen 48in plasma tv last year for 2000 dollars I wanted to mount it to my wall. To my surprise the mounting brackets at the time cost around around 150 - 500 dollars. So me and my friend decided to become creative.

Step 1: Tools and Parts

-Drill & Drill bits - 20 dollars at pawn shop
-Stud finder - 12 dollars home depot
-Friend to help hold the T.V. - Free
- 3 Ft. of chains - cut in half at home depot - 10 dollars
- Two 90 degree roofing parts - 2 dollars at home depot
- Two eye hooks 4 dollars - home depot
- 4 screw lock chain links -5 dollars home depot

Step 2: MOUNT

Measure out about where you want your t.v. then use the stud finder to locate your studs ( should be about 4 inches from the wall if that is where you decide 2 hang it. Drill holes - Screw in fish eye screws. Connect 90 degree roofing thing to t.v. (yours may connect differently). Connect screw links to t.v. side and ceiling side. Connect the chain to the t.v. first ( makes it easy to hang ). Hang with friend. Enjoy

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    8 years ago

    That's the most ghetto TV hang I've ever seen. Dude, you can buy mounts on amazon for under $30


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Hey man I like the ingenuity! If anyone is ever in the market for an affordable mount they might want to check out Their best mounts only cost around $50-$60. On my 47" Vizio I can't decide if I want to mount it from the ceiling or from the wall, and your chain idea has given me something to think about.