Introduction: How 2 Minecraft PE: Hidden Bases

This can be used for all Minecraft Editions, but it is made for Pocket Edition 0.14.0. This Instructable will tell you how to Make A Hidden Base! There are a few ways which I will show you!

Step 1: Step 1: Location

Location is one of the key factors that make a hidden base 'Impossible to Find' or 'Difficult to Find' Placing your hidden base in the air or underwater has a chance of another players spotting it or following you to your base. I prefer my bases underground or undercover, which I will explain later, as they are much harder to locate and players following you will think you're mining or looting, as long as you block up the entrance with smoothstone or whatever block works.

Step 2: Step 2: Underground

Mountains are usually the best place for an underground base. Put them under the mountain, not in the middle of it, so that players would have a harder time locating it. It should be pretty easy, but a handy tip is to make a clock so that you know the time when underground.

Step 3: Step 3: Undercover

Undercover bases are the hardest to find, but are also the hardest to make. The first step is to find a village, then look for a random large building or even a farm, dig about four blocks deep, and start hollowing the ground for your base. As long as you sneak (if gametags are on), no one will be able to locate you unless by accident. If you can't find a village, you have to build one from scratch, and have to be exactly alike. Try not to put your base in the blacksmith, as many players tend to...