How Do I Love Thee Charm Bracelet




Introduction: How Do I Love Thee Charm Bracelet

This bracelet has 'enameled' red heart charms mixed with sparkly red beads and a few numbers, 1-10 to be exact. The numbers float in between the more substantial, painted hearts and red beds. The bracelet could be personalized with the wearer's significant numbers, perhaps the ages when the lovers met, the numbers of their first date, or a lucky number.

Note that some of the heart charms are placed back-to-back to make two sided charms. The charms open and add movement to the bracelet. If you didn't want the charms to flip apart you can glue them together with a glue such as E-6000 or Beacon 527.

- Naked Brass number charms, 1-10
- Assorted Naked Brassheart charms, painted red
- 2 Antique Brass round jump rings, 11 mm
- 2 6-inch sections of Antique Brass Open Extender Chain
- 1 1-inch section of Antique Brass Open Extender Chain
- 1 6-inch section of Antique Brass Pyknic Cable chain
- 1 Antique Brass Spring Clasp, 12 mm
- 20 Antique Brass jump rings, 5 mm
- 4 Antique Brass head pins, 2 inch
- Assorted red and pink glass beads, plastic flowers or rhinestone beads
- Spray-on oil-based enamel paint
- Diamond Glaze

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Step 1: Clean Charms

Add color to your designs by painting naked brass with this quick technique. You can create a smooth layer of color on any naked metal in just a few minutes. Try this on filigree and charms for a custom look.

Clean your metal.
Often stamped charms and filigree will have a very thin layer of machine oil on it that you can't see. Remove this oil to make sure your paint sticks. A clean paper towel and alcohol will quickly clean the metal, or you can use dish soap and warm water to remove the oils. Make sure that all metal pieces have dried thoroughly before painting.

Step 2: Paint Your Metal

Choose paints carefully.
To create an enamelled look that was almost like cloisonne use spray-on oil-based enamel paints. Brands like Krylon or Rustoleum are available at your local hardware or paint store in a range of colors. Avoid 'decorator' paints that are not oil-based as they won't give you a smooth, shiny finish.

Paint your metal.
Place your cleaned metal pieces in a single layer on a sheet of paper or cardboard. Using quick, short strokes apply the paint in a thin layer. Do not overcoat or the paint will run off the metal. Because of the viscosity of the paint, raised areas in filigree or charms may show through the paint as you see in this heart above. To achieve a solid, all-over color apply a second coat after 30 minutes. Allow metal to dry for at least an hour before you touch or move them. If you wish to paint the backs allow all metal pieces to dry for 24 hours before turning them over and painting.

Step 3: Seal Your Metal

Seal your metal.
If you want to create a very smooth and shiny surface you can add a layer of Diamond Glaze or other liquid resin to the surface of some charms. This resin will dome up and enhance the painted finish.

Step 4: Assemble the Bracelet

Lay the three strands of chain out in order as shown. Using your chain nose pliers open an 11 mm jump ring and thread it through the end links on the chains and through the ring on the spring ring clasp. Close securely. Repeat on the other end of the chain lengths, adding the 1 inch section of extender chain.

Step 5: Make Bead Dangles

Create your bead dangles by stacking beads and plastic flowers onto head pins and looping the head pins with your round nose pliers. Set aside.

Step 6: Add Charms

Using your chain nose pliers attach the number charms, painted hearts and bead dangles to the Pyknic Cable chain length. You may wish to lay out the placement of the charms, dangles and numbers before you begin attaching them.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very Nice! What size jump rings did you place on the number charms?