Introduction: How Do We Protect Ourselves From Coronavirus?

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A new strain of respiratory illness coronavirus (dubbed 2019-nCoV by WHO) outbreaks that started in Wuhan in December last year, the city with the largest populations of central China. According to health officials, the disease can cause the respiratory tract infection and spread mainly from person-to-person, and what’s worse it can probably pass to others before a person shows symptoms.

So far, there are almost 100000 persons have infected and more than 3000 lives are claimed over around the word. The coronavirus has a sign of slowdown in China, but the outbreak of the virus starts spreading through the world. There are now many confirmed cases of the coronavirus across Asia, Europe and Australia.

Step 1:

As for the transmission route of the coronavirus, it is thought to spread through respiratory droplets and direct or indirect contact with infected secretions, spreading up to six feet, experts said. That means people can catch COVID-19 if they breathe in droplets from someone with COVID-19 who coughs out or exhales droplets. Besides the disease can spread via touching the surface or object that carries the virus. When people contact the contaminated surface and object, then touch their nose, mouth or eyes, they will probably be infected. WHO reported the coronavirus travel mainly from person to person through the following routes:

Respiratory droplets -- when a person coughs or sneezes. Direct contact with infected persons. Touch with contaminated surfaces and objects.

Step 2:

Shadowed in ongoing coronavirus now, we’re afraid that the virus takes hold on our body while we are going out. We should keep a higher alert on the virus especially in public, such as office, public transport, etc. What should we need to do most is to wear a face mask, which offers necessary protection to us as they block liquid droplets in the crowd. It’s worth repeating again is that washing your hands with running water and with soap after arriving home. As the current situation of inhibiting the coronavirus goes into a better stage in China, we SONOFF have started coming back to work. We adopt a series of measures to avoid the coronavirus for all staffs’ safety in the office.

Non-touch remote control is a good way to avoid the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. This prevents you indirectly contacting with different people and lowers the risk of being infected when you touch the things which the sick touched. What will you think of when it comes to remote control? APP control on your smartphone, remote controller control and simple voice control. Actually, there are quite convenient ways for helping control your home device in this special period. SONOFF smart home products adhere to the “remote control concept” for enabling your non-touched smart home, which avoids many individuals touching the surface of the same device in our home and office frequently, such as door handle, light switch and blinds controller. Next, let’s look at how SONOFF steer clear of coronavirus in virtue of “own” smart products in the office.

Step 3:

One of the common coronavirus infection routes in public is indirect contact infection. The coronavirus can attach on them if someone who is infected touches these high touch surfaces, such as elevator buttons, door handle, handrail and fingerprint sensor, etc, and then others will have a risk of being attacked the virus after touching them. To prevent the spread of the virus, our reception alone uses a remote controller instead of the fingerprint sensor to activate the door control system. When the door control system receives the signal from the remote controller, it will automatically open or close. Besides, smart wall switches are assembled in our office to automatically turn on lights at 8:50AM and turn off by itself after duty off, reaching the purposes of eliminating the fear of direct contact and convenient control of office energy consumption. Adequate ventilation plays a key role in infection control by minimizing airborne bacteria and viruses. We choose the 4-gang smart switch to schedule office blinds on and off for keeping the air circulating and fresh. The coronavirus is particularly sensitive to UV light and heat as reported from WHO. The UV sterilization lamp connected with a smart plug is used to sterilize our office in a pre-set time after we go off work, which protects us from UV radiation. The government appeals to receive packages in a non-contact way that all packages are delivered to the designated area for reducing the cross-contact in person-to-person, so we install a Wi-Fi camera in the package receiving area to speak to the deliveryman and monitor the package for being not lost, reducing the direct contact with the deliveryman.

By the way, it is safe to receive packages from SONOFF according to WHO advice. SONOFF sterilizes the factory every day to ensure a clean and healthy production environment. Plus, we always wear a face mask and disposable gloves to package all goods to be delivered to customers before shipping out.

Step 4:

There is currently no vaccine for treatment with the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). The most effective precaution measure is wearing a face mask that can protect droplets from entering the mouth and nasal passage. If you’re considering choosing a face mask but don’t know which one is preferable, this face mask guidance will be helpful for you.

Furthermore, what we also need to do is to avoid going to crowded places in addition to wearing a surgical mask and washing hands with soap. Right now, treatment relies on keeping the patient’s body going like breathing support until immune system can fight off the virus. So we can stay healthy and safe in the period of the coronavirus outbreak as long as adopting effective precautions. Be alert not alarmed over the coronavirus and we will beat it.