Introduction: How I Became a Middle Aged Bald Man DIY

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With Halloween getting closer, it was time to do a makeup tutorial. This year, I decided to turn myself into a middle aged bald man. I did just walk right into my parents' house, while they were having dinner. They were stunned and speechless. They swear they had no idea it was me at first. My dad was about to jump up and kick me out.

If you wanted to transform yourself, you will need:

- Bald cap - Flesh latex - Spirit gum - Spirit gum remover - Setting powder - Fake beard - Flesh makeup - Wig cap (optional)

Step 1:

Directions (It's best to watch the video because I hit all the points. I will quick a brief synopsis here.):

1. Wash your face. You want to be free of dirt and oils, so the products will stick. Also, make sure you test out any products beforehand to make sure you don't have any type of bad reaction.

Step 2:

2. Put on your wig cap (if needed). Then, put on your bald cap and place it where it fits. Mine was longer in the back and shorter in the front, so obviously the longer part was for my neck.

Step 3:

3. Take a pencil and lightly draw where your ear will be. I cut the one ear slightly too large, but was able to cover it, by sticking it to the back of my ear.

Step 4:

4. Remove the bald cap and trim the cap as needed. Cut out the ears. I read it is good to try to have the front of the cap placed by a forehead wrinkle. I have plenty of those, so it worked out fine.

Step 5:

5. Put the bald cap back on and fold the front up. Put your spirit gum along the area where the cap will hit. I but about a one inch band along my forehead. Then, I went down by my sideburns. The thing about spirit gum is you need to tap it with your finger, once it is on the skin, and keep doing that until it becomes sticky. You will know when it's ready, otherwise I show you in the video above.

Step 6:

6. Carefully pull the cap down and try to do it without wrinkles. Reposition if needed.

Step 7:

7. Do that along the sides and you will need someone to help you with your neck.

Step 8:

8. Once you have it placed, apply the liquid latex. This will take multiple coats. Apply the latex with a makeup sponge and blend it back, so it isn't a stark line. Here is another tip. The bald cap will take makeup very well, but differently than the latex, or your regular skin. If you apply a think coat to the whole bald cap and even if you give yourself a harsher complexion, it will all look a little more natural.

Step 9:

9. Once the latex is dry, you can apply some setting powder.

Step 10:

10. It's time for facial hair! You can put a full beard on, as it comes from the package, but I wanted a more natural look. Apply spirit gum where you want it. Make it sticky. Trim small sections of hair off of the beard you bought and apply it to the spirit gum. You will need a little patience. I also filled in my eyebrows.

Step 11:

11. Trim everything as needed.

Step 12:

12. Apply your makeup. I used regular makeup and had to go a little thicker. It probably gave me a dewier complexion than I would have preferred. You can go with a thicker theatrical makeup, for a different look and maybe better coverage.

Step 13:

13. Once you have the make up on and blended (and you will need some help on the back of the head), apply setting powder and you are done!

Now go be a man!

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