Introduction: How I Made a Plant Swing Holder

Paul Fleck


4 pieces of 60 inch rope

1 primed finger joint board 1/8/8

4 all purpose hook

Step 1: Measurements

Measure the size of your window frame. Mine was 14in by 7in by 60in.

Step 2: Cutting the Ropes

Measure your window from top to bottom. My window was 60in long, so I cut 4 pieces of rope 60in long.

Step 3: Cutting the Board

I made the board a little smaller than the length of the window frame, so I can fit part of it into the frame. So I made my board 13.5in.

Step 4: Making Holes in the Boards

Make a hole in each corner of the boards. I clamped all of the boards together so then I only needed to make four holes through the boards.

Step 5: Putting the Rope Through

Put the ropes through all the holes in the three boards. When done putting a rope through a hole, tie a not under the board. This second part is optional because its just for design: when done putting all of the ropes through the holes and tying them, then loop the board through it's rope to get a twisted design.

Step 6: Putting Hooks on Window Frame

Put the hooks on the top of your window frame. This will hold up the boards and rope.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Now just tie the top ropes to the hooks and then put plants on it or what ever you want.