Introduction: How I Made a 3D Printed RC Car

I always wanted a RC car but I didn't want to just buy it and then it's al done, I wanted to build on by my self.

Step 1: Where Did I Get the Idea

I got this idea when I was looking videos on youtube and saw how a person made a RC car out of 3D printed parts and so I thought let’s try to make a RC car.

(Here is the video that I got inspiered):

Step 2: Designing

After I had the idea I started looking in the internet for already modeled RC cars and after 2 hours looking for a good car, I didn’t find anything that was really good. So, I started modeling the car in tinkercad by myself. I needed to think about many things while I was designing the car like the diameter of the ball bearings, the weight of the car, the torque of the brushless motor, the gear reduction and the transmition…. I wanted to make a suspension car, so I could go over bumps with no issue. I already had built a RC car out of Lego parts and it worked wonderful but it kept falling apart and if there was a bump it would fly and then crash.Sadly, I already disassembled it so I don’t have any pictures. After ca. 8-9 hours of designing the car was finished.

Step 3: Printing

Now I just needed to print the hole thing.I had a 20 by 20 by 20 cm build plate, because of that I needed to print the lithe thing separately of the other thing. I had to cut in half the car floor because it didn’t fit in the volume of the build plate. It took more than 20 hours of printing time and I needed to print some parts a second time like the gears and the transmition because they failed to print or where to big or too small or I needed to make some adjustments.

Step 4: Assembly

And after al the build time I had an almost finished RC car. The only thing it is missing is a car carrosserie but I will leave it without one. I assembled the car with m3 screws and nuts. I needed to sand most of the parts down because they were a bit to big or had a too tight fit. If you look at the model and the finished car you can see that I had to drill some holes, I didn’t forget to ad them in the model, I couldn’t know where I needed to make them because it would need some adjustments.

Step 5: The Final Result

I’m very proud of what I did and am happy but if I did it another time, I would change some things like the gears to the back wheels, the transmition and some other things. They work but not really well. I hope you will find some inspiration in my project.

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