Introduction: How I Organize My Wire Collection (& Where Each Type Was Salvaged)

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I've never bought a wire in my life!

All of the wires in my collection were salvaged for free, And the other ones that look bought (There a couple 14 gauge spools that I got for free) are ones that I received or found for free!

I've listed the step from used most used, To rarely used.

Note: This quick Instructable was made back in August, 2015. I made this Instructable, But I didn't upload it for some unknown reason (I might have thought I would change something, I can't remember). The only things that have changed are that the collection is bigger now... Nothing else :)

Step 1: Stranded Wires for Future Projects

These are wires that the negative and the positive are glued together

This kind is found in all electronic devices

Step 2: Shorter Extra Wires

These are short wires that I use only for testing projects before soldering

These wires are salvaged from any electronic device that I take apart, Because I don't care how long or thick they are...

Step 3: Wires for 220V Power Outlets

I salvage these from any kind of electronic device that connects to a wall power outlet

These are used for bigger projects, Ones that get plugged into a wall...

Step 4: Solid Core Wires

This is an example for a project I used solid wires, not even for conducting electricity

These are pretty rare, And are usually found in wires to connect to a power outlet.

Step 5: Solid Core Jumper Wires (Used for Breadboards)

These are high gauge wires that aren't able to deliver high current, But are really good for breadboards

I rarely salvage these but I usually find them in cheap electronics (solid wires are cheaper than stranded wires) that don't have to deliver high currents.

Step 6: Magnet Wire

This kind of wire is found in speakers, transformers, electric motors, coils, and more.

You can find about how to find magnet wire here

Step 7: 3+ Wires Inside the Insulation

These are wires that have 3 or more wires inside the insulation

Usually found in devices (such as power supplies) that deliver one or more different voltages, or wires that deliver voltage and data (For example: USB's)