How I Peel a Watermelon

Introduction: How I Peel a Watermelon

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We have made a machine that is capable of peeling off the watermelon and it is presented in a funny way. Although, the particular machine is not substantially useful, the procedure of making it was a small challenge for us.

Step 1: How To

Firstly, we made a metallic frame of galvanize, square tubes 60mm x 30mm x 2mm. Additionally, acrylic of 1cm thickness was placed on the frame so the basis of our mechanism was ready. Then, having the support of lathe, we made cases out of Teflon plastic for the bearings that were used in our structure. Later, we turned a threaded rod that when it turns, it leads the knife that cuts the watermelon to keep a constant speed of motion.

Two pulleys made by aluminum and a belt connect the knife’s axis with the rotary basis, where the watermelon is placed. Therefore, when a dc motor is connected on the knife’s axis, the axis is moving as well as the basis of our structure. Moreover, the basis where the watermelon is put as well as the cutting knife were made of stainless steel.

Most importantly, we placed a component on our structure that is located on the top surface so when the watermelon is put for cutting, this component keeps it still so it won’t move during its rotation. For this reason, we have chosen a dc motor that would enable us to control the rotations of our watermelon in order to be able to choose the ideal ones.

Step 2: Machine

Thus, providing our motor with electricity, the watermelon is rotating while the knife is moving vertically on its side and peeling it off.

Step 3: Video

Despite that our main aim for the creation of this structure was to make our viewers laugh, the whole procedure of making it was really interesting, very functional and it involved a lot of food, too.

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