How I Saw the International Space Station

Introduction: How I Saw the International Space Station

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I posted about tracking ISS in Arabic on my blog here

Do you know that you can track and actually see the ISS International Space Station ?

The ISS is flying over the Earth in an orbit just like satellites. I travels at a speed of 7.66km/S.

The ISS reflects the sunlight and it looks like a bright star in the night or a satellite.

And it can only be seen during the night or dawn.

So, to see the ISS, you need some conditions:

Be at night or dawn.

The ISS passes over the city you live in.

The sunlight reaches the ISS so it can be reflected on it.

You have a wide vision of the sky or even only a vision for the direction it is flying.

Here are the websites I used to track ISS and see it.

This is the best tool from NASA. Once you register your Email in this website , you get Emails from NASA at the day the ISS is passing over your city before 12 hours of its flight.

This is a free app for Android Devices that works an ISS Detector. It determines your location and alerts you when ISS is near.

ISS Detector Pro

This website gives access to ISS camera at the real time.

This means that the image you see on this website is for the area of the Earth the ISS is flying over.

And this website tracks the ISS on a map using the ISS symbol moving on it.

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