Introduction: How I Upgraded Hungry Robot With PCB Board

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Hello makers, I am going to show you how I upgraded hungry robot by using PCB board.

This robot picks up objects by using sensor and motor.

The frame was built using a 3d printer.

[ link to an Instructables page that tells you how to make it ]

In this Instructables, you will see how effectively the PCB board can upgrade the project.

Step 1: Why I Need to Upgrade It Is...

Recently I had a workshop in Copenhagen to make Hungry Robot for beginners.

It was easy for me to connect the circuit but it was not easy for beginners.

I heard their feedback and realized that I had to make it easier.

Step 2: Design and Order a PCB Board

The picture on the left is the circuit diagram.

I don’t need a circuit with such complex symbols flying around.

All we need is to make sure what parts go to Arduino’s pin.

The screen you see now is an application that can draw PCB on the web.

It’s called EASY EDA and it’s really easy.

Next time, I am planning to make a video of how to use this application

I will place Arduino and some parts here. And if you connect the wires, it becomes a PCB board.

And I can order it right away.

When you place an order, it goes directly to the PCB manufacturer. It is called “JLC PCB

The price is really cheap. It costs only $2 to order these 10 boards.

Step 3: Soldering and Assembling

The left parts are the previous version and the right parts are the current version.

I’ll show you how much time the PCB board can save while assembling.

There were some complicated steps. Now, it is very easy. You can just plug and play.

Step 4: Result

If your robot project is too complicated, consider creating a PCB board.

It is worth it.

for the first time I tried to make a PCB board, I was somehow worried about failure.

Yes, I of course failed but it was nice try and I learned a lot of things from it.

From now on, I will upgrade all my robots one by one.

Visit my profile and watch my projects.

Thank you :)

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