Introduction: How I Water My Bromeliad Plants Indoors

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I've been growing a variety of bromeliads for years now, both outdoors & as houseplants. Here's how I water my bromeliad plants indoors to keep them looking good & alive for as long as possible. Find out how I water them & factors which are good to know.Here is the entire blog post at Joy Us Garden.

Step 1: In a Nutshell, I Water My Bromeliads Every Month. Here’s What I Do:

I’ve been growing bromeliads for many years, both outdoors and as houseplants. They did beautifully in my Santa Barbara garden happily growing 7 blocks away from the ocean where they relished the moisture from the coastal fog. I’ve grown them in my homes in New York City, San Francisco and now here in Tucson. A few questions have come my way about this topic so I want to share with you how I water bromeliad plants indoors.

Bromeliads are easy to care for both indoors and out. If you’re new to the world of houseplant gardening be sure to give 1 a go and you’ll be hooked on them in no time. Even though these pineapple relatives are native to the tropics and subtropics, they tolerate dry air and growing mix just fine. Just know that it’s much better to keep them on the dry side rather than consistently wet – rot will be their demise faster than you can say “aechmea fasciata“!

Step 2: Watering the Bromeliads

I run water through the planting medium, whether it be moss or bark, & let it all run out the drain holes. You don’t want your bromeliad to sit in water. In the winter the frequency is more like every 4-5 weeks & in the summer every 3-4 weeks.

The urn (cup, tank or vase) gets thoroughly flushed out. This is the core of the bromeliad & is how the plant stores water in nature.

After 1-3 flushes, I put a couple of tablespoons of water in the urn – just enough to keep it slightly moist. In the warmer months, I keep it about 1/4 of the way full.
I let the water run over the leaves for 10 seconds or so. It cleans the foliage, & boosts the moisture & humidity factor a hair.