Introduction: How I Write a Makerspace Guidebook

The idea of writing a guidebook of how to run a makerspace at school actually came from a casual discussion with my working partner in the Learning By Doing program. In this program, my role is the technical partner (Maker). I gave training to local primary school teachers and worked with them to design curriculum which apply the learning by doing approach, experiment and learn together.

Throughout the process, we learnt a lot through trail and error. Therefore, we would love to documenting the lessons and share them to all of you who also want to do the same thing.

One important lesson I learnt is: "Learning is about the process". I know there are many ways in doing one thing (same as everyone has different learning style), every means has their strengths and weakness. So in this Instructable, I want to document the process of how I write this book. I hope you can get/learn something useful from my experience.

Step 1: Draw Out Process

As I know I am a kinetic and visual learner, and always get distracted when I work on my computer. So I decided to start the draw out my planning/ thinking process on paper. (Paper is our good friend:)

Step 2: Map Out Expectations From Target User and Author

First, I define the target user this time are educators i.e. teachers and school administrators. Based on the insights got from interviewing teachers, I wrote down what teachers expected to see in the guidebook on post-it.

I also write down the elements that I think should be included in the book on post-it.

Step 3: Arrange Post-it in Order

Step 4: Use A4 Paper to Make a Paper Prototype

This instructable is not finished yet.