Introduction: How I Built My Exhibition Light-box/shelf

For my final thesis at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem at the department of Visual Communication, I grew letters in Petri dishes using live bacteria. To present my letters I decided to build a "shelf" with an internal light box. The shelf is hang with a 15° angle from the wall. In each shelf there are 11 holes for 11 petri dishes, presenting a total of 22 letters - standing for the 22 letters of the hebrew alphabet.

Step 1: Design the Unit

Step 2: Build the Box/shelf

Step 3: Laser Cut the Upper Part of the Box

Step 4: Paint the Upper Plate Black

Step 5: Paint the Box Black

Step 6: Assamble the Lightning Unit Inside the Box

Step 7: Paint the Interior Part of the Box White

Step 8: Hang the Shelf on the Wall

Here I used a 10 degrees wooden part, in order to get the perfect angle for looking at my exibition.

Step 9: Placing the Petri Dishes.