Introduction: Portable Workbench for a Bicycle.

About: Tinkerer from childhood on. After my retirement, together with my wife, fully committed to creative production. I prefer simple solutions for non-existing problems.

This, all in one workbench, worktable and toolbox is born out of necessity, to drive environment friendly to the local Repair Café. As repairer of small electro/electronic devices I went by car, because of the toolbox, workmate, etc. The idea came by combining bike and workshop. The all in one concept was growing gradualy. After the first sketches I couldn't wait to see this 'workshop' on the luggage carrier of my bike. The 5 minutes video gives an impression of 'the making off' this prototype. With this step by step guide I hope many of you will be inspired to make one for yourself.

Step 1: Drawings With Measures

With most of the size's of the cabinet and also from the drawer and tilt tray, it is more easy to calculate the plywood boards. I was using one quarter 8x4 foot multiplex 1.5 cm - 0.6inch thick board. Also two 4x2 foot 0.5cm - 0.2inch triplex board. For the frame you need also two laths of 210cm - 82.6inch lenght. The workbench top is pinewood of 1.8cm - 0.7inch thick. The size is 40cm x 100cm or 15.7inch x 40inch. You have to cut this through the middle. The piano hinge comes on the 50 cm side. The new (open)size is 50cm x80cm.

Step 2: Wood Construction

We have to build two cabinets, two drawers and two tilt trays. I was using construction glue for all the connections. Both nailed or screwed; glue makes joining stronger. All the pieces needs planing and sanding. The placing of the drawer sliders, need's some special attention. The drawer has to go smooth in and out. Constructing the toolboxes is precise carpenters work.

Step 3: Attaching the Toolboxes to the Benchtop Blade.

The benchtop blade has to be cut in two the same pieces. Planing and sanding is a must to make it fit. Now attach the piano hinge to the long side. In the video you can see how to attach the cabinets to the benchtop. Take in mind that the width of the rear rack of your bike determines the width in betweem the toolboxes. With that most of the woodwork is done.

Step 4: The Metal Part

For the legs we have to cut the two alluminium tube's of 100cm - 40inch in the middle. On one side a leg cap of plastic has to be pressed on the tube. That is goes better when putting the cap in warm water first. After that the leg holder has to be made. The connection hole in the middle has to be 1cm - 0.4inch from the top. The round shackle of aluminium strip, what keeps the legholder in place is made with the lifting pieces in mind. To make the workbench stable to the floor the legs have to direct outwards. How far that is depends on the lifting block direct beneath the pipe. The position of the screw on top of the legholder is 6.3 cm - 2.5inch from the front or rear and 9.3cm - 3.6inch from the bottom. The last photo shows the legs stored under the bottom of the drawer. Also the 30 cm - 12inch foldable shelf bracket is attached to the toolbox at 5cm - 2inch from the back side. At last, the spacing alu strip is mounted. The lenght is 22cm - 8.6inch.

Step 5: Three Colors of Stain.

Whether or not a color, it's to everyone's taste. The wood has to be protected agains water and oil. My choise was to use waterbase stain. Take a good brush for smooth work. Two layers are, at least, necessary for an opaque effect. Take special care for the edges of the toolboxes and the drawers.

Step 6: More Photo's

This was a time-consuming but fascinating prototype project. I had to use a lot of skills and had to work with a diversity of tools and materials. I have still to calculate the total costs of the project. In the end it was fun to change my rear rack luggage bag in a usefull and good-looking new kind of user object. The total weight of the bench is 10kg - 20lbs. The maximum load on the rear rack is 25kg - 55 pound, so there is still 15kg - 33lbs left for tools and materials. More than enough for an electro/electronic repairer. Success...

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