Introduction: How I Fix Error E74 on My Xbox 360 (if Nothing Works)

 This is not a full detail tutorial, but I wanted to show you how I fix my Xbox 360. When I got the E74 for the first time I tried to find tutorial how to fix it and what it was. First , it's a overheat from the graphic card. Normal when you see the heat sink they put on it. Anyway I try so many modification, Like add 2 fan close to the heat sink, change the thermal past, add little disk under mother board, heat motherboard with a heat gun, etc...But every time it works only for 2 week and bang , come back again. So I decided to do that big modification, I know that suck, because It's look like a space craft..but I don't have to buy a new one and that still working after 10 month.

Sorry for the writing I am franco :-)

Step 1: The Heat Sink

This is what I put on the GPU (Graphic processor unit) It's a mega big heat sink than I take from a Dell computer. I am pretty sure you don't have to put one that big to fix it, but I take no chance and I use the bigger than I have. I also add a fan on it witch is again not really necessary because this heat sink always stay cold but it's already done so I left it there. So I take the 12 Volt for the fan on the motherboard. I you want to do that just google : 12 volt on motherboard xbox 360 and you will find it. Just verify witch model of mother board you have.    

Step 2: How Keep It in Place

 I build 2 peace of metal on each side to old it in place. Before putting in place the heat sink you have to clean the GPU and put a little bit of new thermal paste. I bought one on ebay, witch is the best one on the market for 9,99. It's a silver one, lot better than the one you will find at Radio shack. And don't tight to much the screw.

Step 3: The Space Craft

 Because the DVD reader is normally over the heat sink you need to change the place of it. So I cut a peace of cardboard and put it under. Use zap strap to old it in place. And Use a little wood stick and a straw to be able to use the eject button again. Of course I cut the front panel in 2 parts.

Step 4: The Cover

 I just build up a template first with some piece of paper and after that draw it on a big white one and cut it. And that it.

Thanks for watching. I hope that will help.