Introduction: How I Made a Cool Cardboard Lantern - I Made It at Techshop Detroit!
This is a cool little cardboard lantern I made out of cardboard.  It holds a tea-light candle and makes a really cool shadow.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

You will need:

A Ruler
A Pencil
A piece of cardboard (I broke down a box)
A laser cutter
Hot Glue Gun

Step 2:

Select an image to cut into the cardboard and give it a test run on the laser printer.  This picture  is the original image I chose but not the final choice. 

Once you have decided on an image, cut out four identical parallelograms and cut the desired image into each.

Step 3: Making a Base and Gluing It Together.

Glue the four rectangular panels together.

Cut out a square base that is equal to the width of one side panel.  In this case, the panes are 3" wide so the base plate measures 3"x3".  Lay down a bead of hot glue and affix the base to the main body.

Step 4: Making the Top.

Cut out four identical isocelese triangles whose hypotenuse is equal to the width of the main piece (3" in this case).  Glue the triangles together to for a pyramid-shaped cap for the lantern.  The cap can be removed to insert candles (LED).