Introduction: How I Made an Airsoft MG-42

After deciding that there just weren't any options in my price range, I decided to take a donor airsoft gun and transform it into a WW2 MG-42.

Materials used:

A donor M-4
A  3 1/2' piece of 2x2 aluminum square tube
Scrap wood
Dremel with $20 worth of cut off disks
Drill press
Expanding foam
3/4 inch PVC pipe

I used a Sharpie to draw the designs onto the metal tube, then once that was done I used the drill press to slowly cut the shapes out so that it would be easier on the Dremel.

Once the holes in the tube were cut out and smoothed down, I stripped the donor M-4 down to the bare essentials and mounted it into the body and I sprayed expanding foam to keep it in place. I cut a section of the PVC pipe and slid it over the M-4 barrel to extend to the end of the gun. 

Once that was solidifying, I used a jigsaw to carve out the stock. I screwed it into the body of the gun with two screws and filled the gaps with foam.

I had no idea the foam would get as solid as it did.

The M-4 wasn't going anywhere, so I decided to go on and mount a bipod that was sitting in my box of parts.

After a quick coat of paint, I had the finished product.


I was not satisfied with the first version of this build so I redid it. I used an AK as the donor gun this time around. I cut the existing metal shell in half, and made a new front shroud out of square pvc. It looks a lot better than the first build.

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