Introduction: How I Made My Personal Phonebag

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Hey all!

This is my first instructable and it's just to show you how I made this phonebag for my new phone. It's very simple and easy but the detail I wanted for it was a window, so I can see at a glance the time and the notifications (upper bar in the screen).

As this is a one-evening craft, I just share with you so anyone can get inspired and make one for their own, with their own features!

Put in practice your projects and be original!

Step 1: Materials

Basically it's a piece of leather (or imitation) and a pad. The leather is from the back of a couch and the padding is actually from floor padding. Both recycled materials. And of course, needle, thread, scissors, ruller, cutter...

Step 2: Cut the Shape and Start Sewing

I cut the shape of the phone in the leather and in the pad and started sewing the upper border so I can work with both pieces as a whole.

Step 3: Sew to Close the Bag

Used needles to keep both layers jointed so I can start sewing following the outer border, starting from the bottom.

Step 4: Leave the Gap Open or Closed

At this point, I could have left the gap open so it's easy to take the phone out. But it was so weak that I had to close it and sew it to the end, because the phone would come out if I left the gap open and I want it slightly tight.

Step 5: Cut the Window

With the cutter (and something inside the bag so you don't cut on the other side of the leather) made the window so I can see the upper bar and the time.

Step 6: Sew the Window and It's Done!

The last step would be sewing the window so it has a pretty and defined finished.

Thanks for reading and hope you got inspired!