How Ikea Can Improve My Life!

Introduction: How Ikea Can Improve My Life!

This is my "space", and as you can see it is quite sparse! Here is my story in a nutshell: My father passed away in may, leaving us with nothing so my mother has moved away with my little brother Michael, to a more affordable home... Not wanting to start over during my senior year of high-school, I decided to move in with a friend on a very small budget.

So here I am, with my bed, desk, mini-fridge, and two rooms with tons of potential! What you see in the pictures, are everything that I have in the way of furniture and decoration, aside from a few pictures that have yet to be hung up..My friend and I have combined a separate room to store our clothes for the time being..I have a knack for design, and $1,000 at Ikea would allow me to really let me bring my ideas to life.

If I had $1,000 to spend at Ikea, I would be able to make my space so much more personal, comfortable, and home-y...the first item i would buy is a BEDDINGE series sofa-bed for the office room, so that Michael can visit me often...I would put an OPPDAL bed-frame in my bedroom (and maybe a new mattress), either an Eivor Cirkel, Adum, or another KOLDBY cowhide rug in the office (they are my favorite! I have one in my bedroom), EIVOR curtains, a BESTA ADAL TV unit, an ULSBURG mirror, HOPEN chests, a KLUDD noticeboard, PORTIS clothes rack, and much more....I would buy organizers for my school work and such, along with plants, pictures, floor lamps, and decorative pieces.

  Winning this contest would truly improve my life, and it would be very much appreciated. 

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