Introduction: How Install Raspbian OS in Raspberry Pi Using NOOBS Software and Smartphone.

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Hello Everyone! today in this tutorial I show you how easily install Raspbian OS in Raspberry Pi using NOOBS software and Smartphone.

Step 1: Component and Software Required for Installing Raspbian OS in Raspberry Pi Using NOOBS Software and Smartphone.

Step 2: Format the SD Card

First insert SD card in SD card reader and connect with OTG cable. After this process connect OTG Cable with Smartphone.(I prepare this tutorial using Android Smartphone) Go to Settings and open Storage, Click to Clear USB storage, Click Erase and Format, wait until you see this message "USB driver is ready", after this process Click Done and now your SD card is formatted. Let's move to next process.

Step 3: Download, Extract and Copy NOOBS File to SD Card

First you need to install latest version of NOOBS zip files so visit Raspberry Pi NOOBS Downloading Page and click Downloading ZIP, After successful Downloading NOOBS ZIP file go where your NOOBS ZIP file Downloaded in file manager, click your NOOBS ZIP file, click Extract here, wait until Extracting process done, Open Extracted file of NOOBS ZIP, Select all file and folder, Select More, Select Copy, Select USB Storage, Select Paste and wait until this process Done. After finished this process go to Storage(Settings/Stronge) and Click Eject USB Storage. Now extract OTG Cable form Smartphone and extract SD card form SD card reader. Now we are ready for inserting SD card into Raspberry Pi

Step 4: Connect All Component With Raspberry Pi.

Let's first insert SD card in Raspberry Pi, Connect Keyboard and mouse USB in USB Port of Raspberry Pi, Connect HDMI Monitor using HDMI Cables with HDMI port of Raspberry Pi, Connect micro USB cable of 5V 2.5A power supply with micro USB port of Raspberry Pi and power it. Raspberry Pi doesn't have any type of on off switch so if you power Raspberry Pi so it automatically turn on.

Step 5: Install Raspbian in Raspberry Pi.

Now you see NOOBS OS installing menu appear in Monitor, Select Raspbian Full and click Install. Now you see Raspbian OS installing window appear, wait until the you see "OS Installed Successfully" (This process take more than 25 minutes), After this process click OK and you see your Raspberry Pi now rebooting and After successful rebooting you finally Raspbian desktop appear. Know Raspbian OS Successful install. Happy Hacking.