Introduction: How Kids Tie Shoes

My son only learned to tie his shoes last summer, when he was 11 years old.  His dad took the time to help him while they were visiting.  I had tried to teach him how to do it with the rabbit-around-the-tree-and-and down-into-the-hole method, but apparently I had forgotten how that worked, or was doing it wrong.  All I know is he didn't understand how I tied my shoes my way.

My hope is that this short tutorial will be helpful for anyone who has a child who doesn't tie their shoes for whatever reason.

Please let me know if this instructable makes sense, or if I need more pictures.  This is my first instructable and I'm doing it as an assigment for a class, so any comments are welcome.  

Step 1: Step One

First cross your laces, pulling the right under the left lace and pulling it to the left while you pull the left lace to the right.

Make sure the tongue of the shoe is pulled up and make sure your socks are pulled up, too!

Step 2:

Now make a loop with the lace on the right side, holding between your thumb and first finger (forefinger.)  

Prepare to grab the lace on the left side with your left hand.

Step 3: Step Three

Taking the left lace in the left hand, wrap it to the right around the first loop and behind the loop.

From here you will be pushing the left lace through the hole where your thumb is.  This is what my son is starting to do in this photo.

Step 4: Step Four

Switching hands, grab the first loop with your left forefinger, as you continue to push the left lace through to make the new loop.

Get ready to grab this new loop with your right hand, pulling it the rest of the way through.

Step 5: Finish

Pull the loops in opposite directions - the loop in your left hand to the left, and the loop in your right hand to the right.

You're done!