How Make Cilok an Indonesians Foods

Introduction: How Make Cilok an Indonesians Foods

Spicy sweet and savory bulat. Mixing is a distinctive feature of this food. Whose tongue doesn't want to try it? Mix the taste of delicious food from Indonesia. Almost in every corner of the land where Indonesia is a cilok seller.

Although classified as cheap cuisine, it does not mean it is not tasty and the process of making it is careless. You need a way to make the right cilok so that the taste and aroma become one of the delicious cilok.

Are you not interested in trying it. Why should you try? Because these foods are like dates in Saudi Arabia, like KFC in the United States. In essence, every local citizen must have felt it.Also with Indonesian poeple like that food. Therefore, as a curious person, please try this cilok recipe. To be able to try to make it, refer to the following tips review from Mr. Orenji.

Step 1: ​How to Make Simple Cilok With Meat

Cooking a simple cilok with meat


Seasonings and Ingredients:

  • 300 gram starch
  • Mashed chicken / beef ¼ kg
  • 200 gram flour Garlic
  • 4 cloves (puree)
  • 4 leeks (slices small)
  • ¼ tablespoons of sugar
  • ½ tablespoon of flavoring broth
  • ¼ tablespoons of Salt
  • Fine pepper powder, according to taste
  • Enough warm water

Steps to process:

  1. Mix starch, fine meat, flour, pepper and flavoring broth in a cup. Then stir slowly and evenly.
  2. Add the mashed spices by pounding them, namely garlic, leeks, sugar and salt. Into container.
  3. Pour a little bit of warm water into the container. Stir again until blended.
  4. If the mixture is perfect. Round one by one according to the desired size.
  5. Then prepare a pan of boiling water to boil the cilok spheres. Use a small fire stove to keep heat stable.
  6. Put the cilok mixture into the pan. Always stir so that it is not sticky on the pan surface.
  7. If the cilok has floated, the sign is ripe. Lift it up and place it in an open place so that the steam from the stew is gone.
  8. Cilok house is ready to be served by the family. It would be more delicious if added with spicy sweet sauce, mayonnaise, soy sauce or peanut sauce.

How to make cilok fried egg


After making cilok finished. Just how do you create it to make it more stable and tempting to taste. Therefore d here we will continue also how to make aci more tasty.

Steps to make fried chilies:

  • The cooked skewer. Press 4 items.
  • Dip the cilok into the egg mixture that has been stirred together with a pinch of salt.
  • After cooking oil feels aging, it's ready to fry it.
  • Wait until the eggs and chilies are perfectly fried.
  • Lift. Ready to be served. Guaranteed to make addiction and fried fry.

To add the distinctive aroma of aci / cilok Bandung. Try continuing to process peanut sauce. Let tomato sauce be the Bund. Hehehe . Here's how to make peanut sauce for cilok.

Seasonings and Ingredients:

  • Fried peanuts 100 grams
  • Cayenne and red 8-10 seeds
  • Adequate brown sugar
  • Garlic 2 cloves
  • 1 seed acid
  • Oil
  • Water and salt

Steps to make:

  1. Mash / blender the beans with chili, brown sugar, garlic, tamarind, and salt.
  2. Then saute the ingredients that have been pounded using enough cooking oil. The oil aims not to stick to the pan / clamp.
  3. After finishing ready, serve the peanut sauce by dissolving it using warm boiled water.
  4. If you like lime juice, you can add a drop or two to the peanut sauce. To add taste according to preference.

Thanks your attention. See you leter.Mr. Wayahna

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