Introduction: How to Add Lace to Bias Tape

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Step 1: Pin Bias Tape to Garment

I'm making this tutorial assuming that you already know how to attach bias tape, but if you don't, it's really easy, and there are tons of tutorials for it.
The first step for this is to pin on your tape as you would on any other occasion.

Step 2: Sew It to the Garment

Step 3: Pin on the Lace

On the half of the bias tape that will be going on the "wrong" side of the garment, you will want to pin the middle of the lace right before the fold if the tape.

Step 4: Sew Along the Middle of the Lace

You aren't sewing the other side of the tape to the garment just yet. You just want to attach the lace to the tape.
(I forgot to take a picture for this step, but you should be able to understand even without one)

Step 5: Finish the Bias Tape

Now you can finish the tape as you would normally do.
The lace will also be a guarantee that you won't miss the edge of your tape when sewing ;P

Step 6: DONE!!! :D

You now have a lacy bias that is perfect for a dress :)
My dress is walolita :3
I can post a picture of it once I finish :)