How to Apply Eyeshadow

Introduction: How to Apply Eyeshadow

The eyes are the key to the many times have you heard that saying? Well Instructables family your beloved Skin Beauty Fairy believes in that saying but I say add some color, eye liner, and some lashes!!!! Look into my eyes and your going to see a chick that has a colorful soul.

I have been upping my eyeshadow I.Q and people around me have been noticing. Yesterday I received around 20 compliments on my eye makeup I generally receive a few compliments about my eyeshadow everyday. But yesterday I was what do they say........WINNING!!!

My style of eye makeup is clean and a little bit of boldness. It may not be for everybody but
what I want you to do is try and's only makeup and it can wash off.

I like to use brushes and my finger tips to apply my eyeshadow. You can buy eyeshadow from fancy department stores or your local store. Let's get started and have fun!!!!

What you need:

*Shadow primer or a light concealer- this will help keep the eye shadow on and brighten the color

*Shadows- a light color to highlight your brow bone, a dark color for the crease and any color you would like for the lid but I will give you insight on what colors you should choose.

*Brushes- a round soft brush for blending
- a square small dense brush
- a medium size brush
- any brush you would like to use can work. Don't get caught up in the small stuff because you can even use your finger tips.

*Eyeliner is not always necessary but it helps define the eye and can help make it more dramatic.

*Mascara- is very important because it helps open the eyes and why not define those lashes?? I am lucky enough to have nice lashes but I sometime wear false lashes for a little bit of a dramatic look and to make my eyes even more mesmerizing.

Beauty Skin Fairy Tips:

*DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT WEAR ALL SHIMMER SHADOW OVER YOUR ENTIRE LID. I am begging you because quite frankly it looks like a glitter mess. Leave the shimmer for your eyelid and as a highlight for the brow bone. For the crease color use a flat, matte dark color.

* Don't be afraid of color on your eyelid. I used to be guilty of just wearing golds or a light beige on the eyelid.... Pretty but very conservative. Then I saw a commercial advertising bold shadow colors and I fell in love and said screw it I'm a colorful person let me show it on my lids. Viola, I turned into a eye shadow color beast ;).

* Certain eye colors really pop with different eye shadow colors. The suggestions I make in this section are not set in stone but just a guideline:

Blue eyes- Pink, orange, peach, purple, coral, wine, gray, black undertones tend to emphasize blue eyes more. Silver eyeshadow works really well with blue eyes. Avoid any eyeshadow with blue-green undertones it will compete with your eyes and look very cheesy.

Brown eyes- Greens, champagnes, bronzes, golds, browns and blues are just some of the shades that play beautifully with brown eyes. You can also try shades of beige, peach, corals, copper, pinks, pale purples (pinky purples) and browns. Brown eyes also look great in grey, plums as well as burnt oranges.

Green eyes- Eyeshadow with red undertones like burgundy, maroon and colors like apricot, peach, plum, gray pops out and compliments the green of the eyes more than any other colors.

Hazel eyes- Neutral colors such as brown are great. Gold, pink, lavender, plum, khaki and mocha pop on hazel eyes. Purple shades contrast your eye color, making eyes look dramatic. Warmer shades of mocha complement the green hue in hazel eyes, giving a natural effect. Soft pink is another good color.

Now that you know the basics let's start having fun!!!

Step 1: Eyeshadow Primer

Eyeshadow primer will help the eyeshadow stay and will sometimes brighten the color. A lot of beauty companies sell eyeshadow primer (I really like Urban Decay's Primer Potion). You can also use concealer, which I will be using. It is usually cheaper than primer and works just as well. Spread the concealer/primer over entire eye. Make sure you don't go over the brow and beyond the eyes.

Step 2: Color Me Bad!!!!

I like to do the eyelid color first because it sets off the other colors you will use to highlight. Choose a thicker small brush and put your brush in the eyeshadow and tap the excess off back in the eyeshadow. And start pressing the shadow on the lid, remember to press not sweep (I heard this from a famous makeup artist, he said sweeping is for housework not putting on makeup) this will help to intensify the color. You can layer the colors also if I have two colors in different mediums (for example cream based or powder). Cover the entire eyelid remember press, press!!

Step 3: In the Middle

Next step is putting the crease color, it is always wise to use a darker flat/matte color. The crease is in the middle between the eyelid and brow bone. Make sure to start light in application and then go darker, remember you can always add more color or depth. It's harder to take away.

Step 4: Love on Top

Next is the brow bone! Always use a light color and I always like to give a little bit of shimmer at the brow bone because it helps open the eyes and highlights the brows.

Step 5: Bat Those Lashes!!!!!

My favorite is mascara......start from the base of the lashes and move up. I twirl the mascara wand to make sure I have a lot of mascara on each lash. You can also do the bottom lashes if you would like but I generally do not.

If you are using false lashes make sure you place the lashes directly on the lash line just to see how they look before putting the glue on the false lashes. I like the brand Duo for lash glue, put a thin layer of lash glue. Next place the lashes directly on your lash line. It does take practice but keep trying.. The lashes come off so if you mess up try again. Easy peasy. I also like to add a little mascara to the false lashes maybe a little overkill but I like to be dramatic.

Step 6: Line It Up

I sometimes go without eyeliner but if you want to use eyeliner you can use eyeliner pencil, eye marker or liquid eyeliner. I like using liquid eyeliner, you go closest to your eyelash line with a very steady hand. Take your time.

***** please do eyeliner before mascara******

Step 7: Your Eyes Are Mesmerizing

Oh my look at you! Your eyes are mesmerizing and you will start getting compliments left and right. Enjoy it and have fun..... I have my eyes on you (corny I know, but I couldn't resist).

Here are some of my friends from school!!! We had fun that day doing our eye makeup!

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