How to Ask a Boy on a Date

Introduction: How to Ask a Boy on a Date

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Okay ladies, we are going to be using the 5 W's to ask the guy of your dreams on a date. Ready. Steady. Go!!

Step 1: Who?

The first thing (probably the most important thing) is to determine who you are asking out. Maybe it's a family friend, coworker, class mate, or family member. Just kidding, that's gross. It's better to have a prior relationship with this person, but make sure it's a good relationship. People to avoid asking out are, but not limited to: bosses, ex's, stalkers, idiotic people (unless you want that), controlling people, needy people, and the list goes on and on. You also want to choose someone so that if you do go out, your relationship won't bother your everyday life. You also have to take into consideration that you will probably break up, so choose wisely!

Step 2: What?

So you've chosen the guy, great! Now try and make a plan on what you want out of the conversation. What do you want? You need some type of outline to go off of when asking.

Step 3: When?

This question had two forms: when are you going to ask him and when is the date? 1. You want to wait for the right moment, but don't take to long. Bad times to ask him are as followed: after he got off the phone with his girlfriend, during any wedding, over the phone while he's in the bathroom, during his soccer game, while he's hanging out with his friends, during a family reunion (joking, no family members!), etc. A good time to ask him is when you are alone (no social pressure) and in person. 2. You don't have to know the exact time for the date, but have a general idea ahead of time.

Step 4: Where?

Once again, Where has two different meanings. 1. Where are you going to ask him? It usually depends on the timing but there are a few bad settings. Bad settings: bathroom, locker room, slaughter house, closet, in water, etc. Like I said, it all depends on the timing of where you ask. 2. Where so you want to go on this date? Common places are the movies, mall, roller rink, etc. But if you have to take in both his and your personality when choosing the place. Don't pick a sushi place if you are allergic to fish.

Step 5: Why?

Last but not least, Why? In this last question, you are basically forming the final draft of the question you are going to ask him. Whatever you do, do not drop hints! They never work and always mess up whatever plan you have. DO NOT USE THEM! Instead, come up with a thesis statement. Combine all 5 W's and form this question. It be short and sweet, or slightly long and intense. Here is an example of a girl using hints to ask a boy out, and the same girl using a thesis statement. Hint: Hey Johnny, so there's this party that Sarah is throwing this weekend, and I don't know I might stop by after I pick up some soda from Walgreens, maybe a snickers. Who knows? Anyway, I heard its for couples and it might be super awkward to go alone so. I was just wondering if you were going cause like... Yeah, I have to go to soccer now- bye! Thesis Statement: Hey Johnny, Sarah is having a party this weekend and I was wondering if you would like to go with me because I like you. You know what else I like, soccer and snickers- bye!

Step 6: Just a Reminder

This is just a date, not a marriage proposal so don't put a lot of pressure on this! I know you like him a lot but you have to be prepared if he says no. Don't break down crying, or start flipping out. Instead, be sad for one day tops then move on. He isn't worth anymore than one day, and if you try to convince yourself that he is- remember that you never dated. The number one thing to remember is, only go out with people who are good to you and always be happy, even when you're alone. Here are some helpful sites!

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    Ranie & dsummers6- I'm making a male version of this, so I'll use my own photos. I didn't have any that were useful, but thanks for your input! :)


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    You should make one on how a man should ask out a women

    Phil B
    Phil B

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I remember being in high school. I liked girls. I just was not at all ready for dating until a few years later. It is flattering now to think a girl liked me and would have wanted to ask me out. But, in high school it would have frightened me a lot. If a boy is not interested in going out with you, it may be related to who he is at this point in his life and have nothing to do with who you are.