Introduction: How to Back Up to the Cloud

To back up to the cloud, whether it be Apple's iCloud, or Google's Drive, all you need to do is a few simple steps.

Step 1: Backing Up to ICloud

To start backing up to the iCloud, you first to to sign in. You can create an iCloud account or sign in with one you already have. Then you can choose what type of information you want the cloud to back up. It will automatically back up whenever hooked to a wifi source and plugged in. If you want to back it up right then, you can choose the back up now option. There you have it, your information and data is backed up the the cloud.

Step 2: Backing Up to Google Drive Part A

Google drive has a cloud of its own, so if you want to backup your documents, presentations, spreadsheets, even images, this is an option for you. First, as usual for any cloud account, you're going to want to sign in with a google account, or make one if you don't have in already.

Step 3: How to Upload to Google Drive Part B

Once your account is created, you can then create a document, spreadsheet, or slideshow. You can even upload from your camera or iCloud. Organize by creating folders. You can share with other google accounts too. Now you can access your work from any internet capable device, although you may need to download the app on Apple devices.

Step 4: Verify

Now that its backed up, you're going to want to verify it. On iCloud in the setting, it will tell you when it was last backed up. On Google Drive, just log in on another device and make sure it's synched to the cloud.