Introduction: How to Be Stealthy (with a Bit of Practice)

Step 1: Ready Steady INVISIBLE!!

Okay now you might not believe me but black clothes are bad for stealth. Unless it is pitch black but than you won't be able to see so WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Try to get dark colors like on a woodland area try dark green. Or I'd personally would get dark clothes of any kind if I was trying to scare my da or sister. Than cover you gave in something. BUT not your whole face cause you be able to see but of you get dirt/ash/grime and cover splotches over your face it will break up your outline and people won't be able to see a oval shape.

Step 2: Step 2

Okay now is the hard bit. You think stealth is about knives ninjas and masks? Well your wrong. Its about patience willpower and the ability to stay still for hours. Doesn't discourage you? Good. Now to walk silently you land on the ball of your foot and roll on the side of your foot to fast is loud so practice speed will come with time.

Step 3: Step 3

Can you see me in the picture? If you can that's good you need goo eyes. If you are going to working in the dark avoid light for 36 hours cause that's how long it takes to recover from light. I you want to scare someone than find a good hiding spot and wait wait wait. Now listen and JUMP out! Always to be in the dark out of there line of sight and slow an steady.