Introduction: How To: Bedazzle Birthday Card Envelopes

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Have some family BIRTHDAYS coming up? Bedazzle and personalize your loved ones' birthday card envelope! All you need is some ribbon, rhinestones, and a bit of creativity!


You are going to need:

(All items are available at your local craft store! Or!)

-Different colored envelopes (And cards!)

-Sparkly silver and pink ribbon


-Different sized rainbow rhinestones


1. Lay one strip of silver ribbon on the front of a white envelope.

2. Tape the strips on the back of the envelope.

3. Lay another strip on top so that the ribbons overlap. (One line goes vertically, the other horizontally.)

4. Tape the pieces down.

5. Lay two strips of purple ribbon in the same pattern as the horizontal silver ribbon.

7. Lay another two strips of purple ribbon in the same pattern as the vertical silver ribbon.

8. Secure all strips with tape on the back.

9. Now that you’ve got this beautiful design, choose rhinestones that you’d like to add.

10. I’ve chosen different variations of pink and purple. One large pink, four smaller pinks, six purples, two large pale pinks and two small dark pinks. Any pattern will look beautiful!

11. Glue everything down!

Another variation could look something like this:

1. On a pink envelope, lay out two strips of purple ribbon.

2. Make sure they’re overlapping, like before!

3. Tape the backs to the envelope.

4. Now crisscross two strips of silver ribbon on top of the purple ribbon.

5. Secure that with more tape.

6. Choose more rhinestones!

7. I’ve gone for one large light purple, four smaller purple, and four dark purple.

8. Glue everything down!

The wonderful thing about this craft is that you can make each envelope look so different with the colors of the supplies that you choose.

Show your love for someone by taking this extra step to make their birthday card unique! They’ll be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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Until next time loves! XO!

-Amanda (TrendingSeasons)