Introduction: How to Booby Trap a Hair Brush!!!

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If you're looking for a fun idea for a prank to pull off on friends or family members, I recommend you try this one. This booby trap is meant to be funny and messy so make sure you won't get in trouble for it.

For further instructions, look through the rest of this instructable or refer to the Video Turorial for a demonstration on how this prank is set up.

You will need:
Specific kind of brush mentioned

Step 1: The Set Up

This booby trap is quite simple but it will need to be set up perfectly, so just follow these simple steps and you'll have someone falling for it in now time.

* It only works with a specific type of brush so make sure the one you are using looks like the one in the pictures here, it must have opening on the top bottom and on the end.

Step 1- Using a strip of tape cover the openings on the bottom and on the end.
Step 2- trim off the excess tape that might stick out, make sure it's not visible at all.
Step 3- add any liquid inside the brush, in this case dark cola is used because the brush is black so it blends in perfectly.
Step 4- Leave the brush where you know your next victim will get it.

Step 2: The Prank!

As you can tell by the previous steps, this booby trap was very simple to set up and didn't require much effort or materials to pull off.

How it work: Well basically since the cola is dark and the brush is black, the victims won't notice a thing and will casually pick up the brush like normal, little do they know that when they flip it over all the contents inside will spill on their hair.

Brushing it will make things even worse, after a couple of seconds depending on the thickness of their hair, they will notice the brush has been tampered with but by then it will be too late.

For a full demo please watch the video tutorial provided HERE