How to Build a Minecraft TNT Arrow Cannon - Pocket Edition

Introduction: How to Build a Minecraft TNT Arrow Cannon - Pocket Edition

Hello guys, LEDstar here, and today we are going to build a TNT arrow cannon in Minecraft- pocket edition, Its easier to do it in creative, so yeah, lets get started!

Step 1: Let's Start Digging

1) dig 3 blocks straight then fill it with obsidian, 2) then put one block high on one side of the 3 blocks of obsidian, then on the other side put 2 blocks high.

Step 2: Adding the TNT and Obsidian

2) then on each side of the middle obsidian block, put 4 blocks high, then on the back of the TNT cannon, add another obsidian block on top, then in the middle of the TNT cannon, add one obsidian block high, then on top of that, put two blocks of TNT high in the middle.

Step 3: Digging and Water Filling!

3.) On the left side of the TNT cannon, dig at least 10 blocks to the left of the TNT cannon, then do the same to the right side, then fill it with water,then dig straight at least 10 blocks in front and back of the TNT cannon, then fill it with water, then connect each end of the 10 blocks that you dug to form a square, then fill all the gaps with water, then destroy all block inside the square and then fill it with water again.

Step 4: Outlining the Square

4) On each side of the TNT cannon there is a dirt block, so what you do is destroy both of them, and lets start outlining! First you have to outline the whole square of water with cobblestone, then on each corner, put one block high of obsidian, then connect the rest of it with obsidian, then finally you shoot at least 5 to 6 arrows at the top or in the middle of both TNT blocks, (warning: You need to shoot in the correct position, or it won't work!)

Step 5: Action Time! (Final Step!)

5) finally, you only light the top TNT block otherwise it won't work. Then watch the arrows fly at least 5-9 blocks (possibly) Enjoy!!!

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