How to Build a Mob Grinder

Introduction: How to Build a Mob Grinder

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Okay I will teach you how to build a mob grinder this idea was given by chipalip100 told me to make me a mob grinder

Step 1: Foundation

Put 5x5 of cobblestone

Step 2: Walls

Raise the walls up 4 blocks high.which the full height is 5 blocks high if you didn't under stand it as shown here

Step 3: Roof

Full in the roof with cobble stone

Step 4: Door

Dig a door way 2 high and 1 wide in the middle of a side where you want the front to be

Step 5: Dig

In the floor dig 3 blocks down 3x3 in the middle of the walls

Step 6: Side

Go up 3 blocks from bedrock and place a 2x3 of cobblestone

Step 7: Back

The very back off the wall underneath that side you put place a thing of cobblestone 2 tall and 3 wide and 1 thick

Step 8: Poke

Put the same wall as you put in step 7 then put a hole in the wall you just place at the top middle

Step 9: Tunnel

Dig four long and two high

Step 10: Wall

Put a 3 long thing of cobblestone on the back thing you just put 2 apart from the back

Step 11: Stopper

Put half slabs (any kind I just put wood)under the cobble wall you just put

Step 12: Top

Put a hole on the roof of the end of the tunnel in the top middle

Step 13: Water Mover

Put water in the hole of the cobble at the front

Step 14: Fill It Up

Fill the hole tunnel with water that you dug don't do it to the side with the ladder

Step 15: Start

Place a monster spawner (or find on) and put it were shown

Step 16: The Fuel

Place a zombie egg (or find one) in the mob spawner

Step 17: Done

Fill up the door way and hurry before the mobs get you

Step 18: Done(for Real)

Go in the hole and start waiting for the mobs to drown an get your stuff

Step 19: Thanks So Much

Thanks so much for looking at my channel.I made almost 2,000 views in one week and two days.that means that 2,000 of people viewed my tutorials.thats a lot on the first day I posted my first tutorial I got 280 something views on that how to make a car and one subscriber I was so happy about that and 9 subscribers in 9 day's.i will do a subscriber special if we get 10 guys I'm really happy

Step 20: How to Get Your Idea in My Tutorail

How to get your idea on my tutorial is to post in a comment in the latest video explain me what you want me to build as your idea.Your idea will be showed in the tutorial that you want me to build.

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    7 years ago

    how is the mob spawner made?


    Reply 2 years ago

    you cant make it, you have to find it in a dungeon, or a mineshaft


    7 years ago

    You put a spawner egg in a spawner


    7 years ago

    cool I like it


    7 years ago

    A Hidden door