Introduction: How to Build a Pallet Mailbox

Items needed:

(2) 2x6 pieces of wood at 22 in. long for base.
(2) 2x6 pieces of wood at 15 in. long for front and back wall.
(6) 1x4 pieces of wood at 22 in. long for wall sides.
(4) 1x6 pieces of wood at 26 in. long for roof.
(1) 4x4 price of wood at 5-6 feet for post.
(1) 4x4 piece of wood at 23 in. for angle post.
(2) 2x4 pieces of wood at 32 in. for mailbox to sit on.

stain and/or paint
satin spar urethane for outdoors.
wood screws
hinge and knob to open door

power drill
drill bits

I got the pallets and wood from a post on craigslist, so this total project cost me less the $10. I had to pay for the address numbers, screws, hinge and knob.

Step 1: Cut Wood

layout wood for cutting to desired lengths.

Step 2:

Glue and clamp base, front and back of mail box which are your 2x6's and allow glue to set before removing clamps, read glue directions for proper dry time before you start sanding and staining.

Step 3:

Once glue is dry and ready, start sanding with 80 or 100 grit and stain whatever look you want.

Before you sand and stain front, cut out door.

Step 4: Cut Door

Cut door with jigsaw, then sand and stain. I used my old mailbox door as a outline.

Step 5: Start Building

Glue and screw, I used 4 screws for the back and 2 for the front.

Step 6:

Add wood to the sides. Once I finished I noticed that I forgot at make a angle cut for the roof to line up, so I removed the top, side wood piece , made the cut and then screwed it back on.

Step 7: Roof

Sand and stain wood for roof. Use the (4) 1x6 pieces for the roof. I decided to change the roof color so I did it at the end. I also wanted to paint the 2x4's so I did that as well. 

Step 8: Setup

I dug a hole 2 feet deep because I did not want to use concrete. I used a level to make the post straight. I compacted the dirt down so that the post would not move when I added on the mailbox.

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