Introduction: How to Build a Spud Gun

Hi guys to for warn you this is my first 'ible so please excuse any mistakes anyway today I will be showing you his to build your very own spud gun

Step 1: Materials

PVC cement and primer
2 in diameter PVC pipe
3 in diameter PVC pipe
3-2 in diameter reducing bushing
1 side threaded 1 side smoothie bushing
3 in PVC end cap
lantern sparker ( available at Walmart)
drill 3/8 and 5/16 bits
adjustable wrench

Step 2: Assembly

Use your hacksaw to cut your pieces of PVC to the correct lengths
Now use your file to taper one end of the 2 in diameter pipe
Next apply the primer and cement to one end of the 3 in pipe and attach it to the diameter reducing bushing make sure the joints are clean and apply the cement as directed on the can and do not forget to let the connections cure overnight in a well ventilated area
Next cement the smooth unthreaded side of the one side threaded coupling DO NOT get cement on any of the threads
Now cement the untapered side of the 2 in pipe to the 2 in diameter reducing bushing
Next take the threaded end cap and drill a hole just large enough for the sparker to fit snugly make sure to match the drill bit to the sparkers hollow bolt for it to fit snugly in the middle of the end cap
Now take the hollow threaded bolt assembly from the sparker and insert through the hole made in the previous step depending on the type of sparked you have you may have to counter bore a 3/8 in diameter depression on the outside of the end cap make the counterbore 1/16-1/8 in deep
Insert the sparker by unscrewing the end cap of the sparker now be aware that is a spare piece of flint in the end cap make sure you do not lose this now unscrew the nut and remove the angled metal piece and slide it through the hole in the end cap and tighten the but until firmly in place
Now allow everything to cure over night and do not test the sparker until assembly is cured

Step 3: Loading and Firing

(1) insert potato through the tapered end of the 2 in pipe and push the potato down with the broom handle about three feet
(2) Spray a generous amount of hairspray into the 3 in pipe and quickly put the end cap on
(3) flick the lantern sparker
(4) Repeat steps 1-3

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