Introduction: How to Build a Lego IPod Touch Charging Dock

I have created a Lego iPod Touch stand that charges your device, too! Withe a few easy steps, you'll be on your way to charging freedom.

Step 1: The Base

Stack three 2x3 on top of each other. Do this again, making two of them.

Step 2: The Stand

Next, get a 2x8 piece and add a 2x2 brick to the ends of the piece. This leaves a gap for the Home button. Grab two more 2x8 bricks and stack them on top of each other. Add them to the ends of two 2x4 flat pieces. Make sure you left a 1x8 gape through the middle length-wise, witha hole for your charger.

Step 3: The Front & Back Covers

Put three 1x4 bricks on top of each other. Connect this to the bottom of the back(the side without the Home button space)of the piece you made in Step 2. This should cover the back of the piece. On the front,(the side WITH the space for the Home button) connect two 1x2 pieces to the bottom of it. This leaves a gap on the bottom. Leave this there; this is for the charger wire.

Step 4: Setting It Up (Finishing)

The large piece you finished in Step 3 will sit on the two pieces from Step 1. For a sturdier base, I set il all on a 6x12 flat piece. To set it up, simply take off the front piece, set your plugged-in iPod Touch on it, and connect the front piece back on the front. You now have a Lego iPod Touch charging dock! (;