Introduction: How to Catch a Bass

Here is how to catch a nice bass. Sorry that the one in the picture is a small one it was the only picture I could find

Step 1: Hooking Your Worm

The first step to catching a bass Is to hook your worm. To hook a artificial worm you use an offset hook with a bend at top, put the loop about 2 bumps down then push it up. Slightly bend the worm to push the hook up into the worm. Now just push up the hook until it becomes straight . Now just tie your hook to your line

Step 2: Casting

Cast out by shore or thick bushes and trees that act like a shore. Leave your line out for about 10-15 seconds then slowly reel in. Keep repeating until a fish is caught and troll through the area.let the bass take it and don't rush it before you hook it.

Step 3: The Area

Know your area. I've been bass fishing since I was 6 and fishing in general since 5 so I know all of the good spots to fish where I go. If you don't know the area just troll through the area and try it to learn about it ( you should still probably catch a fish) Follow these tips and you should catch a bass