How to Change All Buttons, Triggers, and Joysticks on an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller




Introduction: How to Change All Buttons, Triggers, and Joysticks on an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

This instructable will teach you how to make your very own custom Xbox 360 controller. This project could be a little bit difficult and/or frustrating at times, but if you stick with it, your controller will be the best on the block.

Step 1: Gather Materials

-1 Xbox 360 controller
-1 Torques 8 T8 screwdriver
-Xbox 360 controller customization kit

Step 2: Crack Open the Controller

Opening the controller is pretty straight forward except for one screw. Take out the screws that you can see (there should be six).

The seventh screw is a little bit harder to find on the remote. Take out the battery pack and poke at the barcode until the screwdriver breaks through the sticker. Then take this screw out like the rest.

After removing all the screws, simply pop of the back part of the casing.

Step 3: Remove the Triggers

Let's start with the triggers. To remove the triggers, push the trigger towards the center of the remote and pull the arm (the white piece that holds the trigger in) the opposite way and down. Then pull the trigger away from the remote with some force until the spring is visible and just remove the spring. Then push the trigger out to the side and turn it inward. As a side note, you might feel as if you are about to break the controller. Don't worry about this, the controller wont be ruined.

Step 4: Replace the Main Buttons

Now you need to remove the circuit board. I did this by pushing the joysticks inward. Then remove the long, light gray piece of rubber to reveal the backs of the main buttons. Simply remove these buttons and put the new ones in. Each button has a specific set of nubs on the sides, so don't worry about putting in the buttons incorrectly. Replace the rubber after you change out the buttons.

Step 5: Replace the Bumpers

Lift up the piece at the very front of the remote. It should contain the reconnect button as well as the bumpers. Then push the bumper straight and away from the controller. You can now replace it with a bumper of your choosing, lining it up with the two tiny pegs on the front piece. Then press the bumper back onto the remote.

Step 6: Change the Back Plate

Remove the back plate by sliding it upward off of its pegs. Then just put a back plate of your choosing where you just removed one.

Step 7: Change the Joysticks

For the joysticks, flip the circuit board right-side up and pull the joysticks upward, away from the circuit board. Then put the new joysticks on, lining up the rectangular holes in the bottom of the joystick to match those on the controller.

Step 8: Replace the Triggers

To put the triggers in, start by putting the holes at the bottom of the trigger into the hinges. Then line up the springs so that one end is around each peg (it helps if you start with putting one end on the peg on the circuit board first). Then, using the screwdriver, prop up the trigger arm and push the little stub of the trigger into the arm's hole. (The last picture shows what it's supposed to look like.)

Step 9: Put It Back Together

Now all that's left to do is to put the controller back together again. First, replace the circuit board, lining up the joysticks with their respective holes. Then, snap on the back of the shell and screw it in place. Finally, just put the battery pack back in and enjoy your custom Xbox 360 controller.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ok so i had a scuff one controller with drift in the stick. I ordered a new analoge module or whatever its called and soldered it in. The controller worked great for about 15 mins then cut off and would cut back on. Then i decided to take the back off that controller that had the scuff buttons and solder it to a stock controller. Tested it out before i put it back together and it worked great, so i soldered the rumbles back to the board and finished assembling it and when i got it back together the B button wouldnt work on the front or the back of the controller. I took it back apart and desoldered and resoldered everything but still no luck. Do you have any ideas?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Have you sorted this problem out yet? (And do you have a voltmeter of some kind?)

    This is likely to be a simple fault, so don't panic and undo everything just yet.

    The lines on the backboard are pretty easy to follow and it's just a contact-switch.


    7 years ago

    Sorry, i don't really know anything about scuff controllers or soldering.


    7 years ago

    Thank you