Introduction: How to Change Your Own Oil

I have put this together for anyone that wants to save time and money. Just think of how much time you could save by doing your own oil change instead of going to a shop and waiting in line. From the money you saved by doing your won oil change you can upgrade to better oil or just save the money, the choice is yours. Perhaps the best part of doing your own oil changes is the satisfaction of doing it yourself and knowing that it has been done correctly. Here is a step by step how to.

Step 1: Get the Car Off the Ground

Lift the be hail using a jack and place jack stands under the vehicle and slowly lower the vehicle onto the jack stands. It is not safe to use a jack to hold the vehicle up.

Step 2: Locate the Drain Plug

Under the vehicle the You will see what is called the oil pan. In is located at the base of the engine and is made of smooths metal and always painted black. There is a single bolt in the oil pan. That bolt is the drain plug.

Step 3: Drain the Oil

To drain the oil you will need to turn the bolt on the oil pan counter clockwise. Once you break the bolt loose get you drain pan in place and ready to catch the oil. After the drain plug had been broken loose you will be able to turn the bolt with your hands. Oil will start to drip off of the bolt as you get close the the end of the threads so be prepared for the like to come out rather quickly. If you have driven your car recently the oil will be very hot!

Step 4: Reinstall the Drain Plug

Once the poor has completely drained, clean and reinstall the drain plug back into the oil pan.

Step 5: Locate and Remove Oil Filter

The il filter is usually on the right side of the engine block but not always. Take some time to locate your oil filter. Once you have located your oil filter use both hands if possible to turn it counter clockwise. Oil filters can be pretty tough to brake loose with your hands but if you keep at it the oil filter will work it's way loose.

Step 6: Instal New Oil Filter

Now that you have removed the old filter it is time to install the new one. Use a lock wise rotation to firmly secure the new oil filter

Step 7: Fill It Up With New Oil

Now that you have drained the oil, reinstalled the drain plug, and installed a new oil filter your work under the car is done. You can now lower the vehicle onto the ground and begin filling the engine with new oil. Fill the engine with the recommended amount.

Step 8: Double Check

Double check to make sure that you have put the correct amount of oil in your vehicle using the dip stick. Add more oil if needed and then your done!